World Health Organisation

What's PM 2.5 and why is the New Delhi smog so bad?

Al Jazeera

Enveloped by a choking shroud of toxic smog, New Delhi has declared a public health emergency as Lahore is also covered

A quarter of the world will be African by 2050

Simon Allison

Africa's population is on the rise — necessitating increased investment in the next generation's access to healthcare and right education.

Robert Mugabe no longer ambassador for WHO

News 24

Following global outrage, where Mugabe's ambassadorial position was revoked, the Zimbabwean government reacted by calling the WHO the 'biggest loser'

The hard labour of pregnancy

Kiri Rupiah

Maternal mortality is rising in developing countries —and in the United States

Dutch, Belgians launch raids as Europe egg scandal grows

Danny Kemp

Millions of eggs have been destroyed or taken off the shelves across Europe