World Health Organisation

Without aid, who will pay for African healthcare?

Simon Allison

Somehow, African countries are going to have to start footing their own medical bills.

Football like you've never seen it: On the pitch with this blind soccer team

Ati Metwaly

Blind football represents hope and belonging for Egypt's one million visually impaired.

WHO’s new boss is just the right medicine

Simon Allison

"Make no mistake: in choosing Tedros, the WHO has made a decisive break from the past. It was about time."

New Ebola case in DRC

Simon Allison

There is, however, good reason to believe that the country can prevent an outbreak, given its recent history of dealing with Ebola outbreaks.

Hearts: R1.5 million. Kidneys: R3.5 million. Can you really buy organs in Cape Town?

Joan van Dyk

Why languish in illness when the poor could be used to help you live long and prosper? A dubious advertisement recently advocated.