World Health Organisation

Fake medicine is real business in Africa

Christophe Koffi

'The illicit sector has a turnover of at least 10% of the world’s pharmaceutical business'

Listeria outbreak: Why your back-to-school lunch box staples may be dangerous

Joan van Dyk

Worried your child could be at risk of contracting the bug as they head back to school? You might have to leave polony off the menu.

WHO: South Africa's listeriosis outbreak 'largest ever'

Derrick Spies

The second largest outbreak of listeriosis was in 2011, when the United States had a total of 147 reported cases.

Fighting the spread of fake drugs in Africa

Sella Oneko

The battle to eliminate fake pharmaceutical products is being stepped up

Letters to the editor: December 1 to 7


Readers write in about Robert Mugabe and his regime,and other regime changes in Africa