World Health Organisation

WHO’s new boss is just the right medicine

Simon Allison

"Make no mistake: in choosing Tedros, the WHO has made a decisive break from the past. It was about time."

New Ebola case in DRC

Simon Allison

There is, however, good reason to believe that the country can prevent an outbreak, given its recent history of dealing with Ebola outbreaks.

Hearts: R1.5 million. Kidneys: R3.5 million. Can you really buy organs in Cape Town?

Joan van Dyk

Why languish in illness when the poor could be used to help you live long and prosper? A dubious advertisement recently advocated.

Sporting political and economic risk kicks off this week

Andrew Hammond

Everyone wants to host mega-events despite the cost and other problems, such as terror attacks.

Regulator advises partial clean-up of radioactive dump in the Karoo

Sipho Kings

But this does not include nuclear material left over from mining aborted about 40 years ago.