Mugabe ousted by 'military coup' claims exiled Jonathan Moyo


Moyo also said that the new government under Mnangagwa was an "illegal regime" that had struggled to assert its legitimacy.

Curbside counselling? These 'friendship benches' bring mental health closer to home

Ranga Mberi

One in four Zimbabweans suffers from mental illness, but untrained female health workers are setting a new benchmark for the treatment of patients.

Why Rwanda’s development model wouldn’t work elsewhere in Africa

Nic Cheeseman

The Rwandan model can't be replicated easily given that it depends heavily on political dominance and tight, centralised control of patronage networks

Settling the land compensation issue is vital for Zimbabwe's economy

Ian Scoones

Mnangagwa has no option but to tackle land reform if he’s serious about getting Zimbabwe’s economy back on track.

The three barriers blocking Zimbabwe's progress: Zanu-PF, Mnangagwa and the military

James Hamill

True democratisation – as opposed to merely maintaining the procedural forms of democratic government – is anathema to Zimbabwe’s ruling party