‘Crocodile’ Mnangagwa's prophetic words ahead of Zim stalemate

The storm that erupted in Zimbabwe had been brewing for some time, blowing open tensions in the security forces

Just what did SA know about Zimbabwe's coup?

Khadija Patel, Ra'eesa Pather

The country’s reaction to Zimbabwe’s coup suggests its leaders had prior knowledge of events

Zimbabwe keeps it in the family with 'coup'

Ra'eesa Pather

“This isn’t a revolution. This is an elite challenging of power from within the same movement and the same history.”

Zimbabwe can learn from Ghana’s political and economic success

Colleen Lowe Morna

These countries share many similarities, including falls from grace and redemption, but it’s clear that military takeovers don’t salvage democracy

Mnangagwa: Zimbabwe's leader in waiting?

Fanuel Jongwe

​Emmerson Mnangagwa appears well-placed to return to a leading role in Zimbabwe following the army's takeover