Zimbabwe’s first shoppers keep on rolling

Simon Allison

Grace Mugabe's eldest son, Russell Goreraza, has recently purchased two luxury Rolls-Royce limousines — worth a neat R70-million together

'It's time to resign,' Mugabe's VP Mnangagwa told

News24 Wire

According to media reports, Joice Mujuru urged the embattled vice president to join the ranks of opposition parties.

British policy towards Zimbabwe during Matabeleland massacre: licence to kill

Hazel Cameron

The effects of President Mugabe's post-independence security clampdown known as the Matabeleland massacre, continue to be felt.

Zimbabwe needs wide reforms to have credible elections. But it may be too late

Enock C Mudzamiri

ZANU PF sees itself as having brought democracy too the country and will not leave power.

Afriforum 'won't be deterred' by Grace

News 24

Despite Grace Mugabe's claim that Gabriella Engels attacked her, Afriforum is planning to proceed with an assault case against Zimbabwe's first lady.