The return of Zim’s white farmers

Kudzai Mashininga

Many white farmers were forced off the land by aggressive land redistribution policies and violent attacks. Now some are coming back

Botswana’s electoral disconnect ― and how it keeps the ruling party in power

Nicole Beardsworth

By disconnecting presidential terms from electoral cycles, ruling parties in Botswana and South Africa preserve the ‘incumbency effect’

Zimbabwe and the DRC are Ramaphosa’s first foreign policy tests

Webster Zambara

​The recent ascendance of President Ramaphosa to the highest echelons of political power has largely been positively received locally and abroad

'No stone unturned' in search for missing Mugabe critic


Mujuru has promised to track down missing Mugabe critic Itai Dzamara

The high price of cigarettes

Simon Allison

Child labour and other rights abuses on Zimbabwe’s tobacco farms