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A campaigner in Nairobi carries a coffin during a protest against the construction of a coal plant in Lamu on Kenya’s coast. (Baz Ratner, Reuters)

Kenya’s first coal plant construction paused in climate victory

Owners failed to assess environmental and community concerns, court rules, while US ambassador wades into debate in support of coal power.
Gasping for air: How this African innovation is helping the tiniest patients breathe a little easier.

Local is lekker: How this Kenyan hospital began to make its own supply of...

Every year, hundreds of thousands of children die gasping for air. This could help to change that.
A local youth group has been trained on how to safely remove the human waste that will become biofuel for cooking and heating.

Waste not, want not: Kenya turns sewage into cleaner, longer-burning fuel

Is Kenya, currently plagued by a cholera outbreak, about to show the world the energy wealth hidden in human waste?
Nurse Pauline dips into a medicines box. Pauline and her team travel hundreds of kilometres by camel to provide health services to Kenya's most remote villages

In rural Kenya, camel clinics bring much needed care to those who need it

Healthcare for Kenya's semi-nomadic communities comes in an unlikely form of camels, who carry medicine to the country's most remote villages.
Sex workers can take a pill that significantly reduces the risk of HIV infection.

HIV-prevention pill: The deeply personal journey of a male sex worker in Kenya

A pill dispenser with an electronic cap monitors daily adherence to a regimen that may curb HIV among sex workers – and in broader society.
Healing business: Mental health patients help out in the photocopy and printing shop in Machakos

​The mentally ill are not alone in Kenya

There are too few psychiatrists, so a foundation is using a Canadian model to rehabilitate people.
A recent survey says that Kenyans and Ugandans must start eating healthily to avoid getting sick from lifestyle diseases.

Kenyans and Ugandans need to change their ways to arrest lifestyle diseases

Two surveys paint a shocking picture of how East Africans are exposing themselves to the mounting risks of non-communicable diseases.
Keneth Ndua demonstrates his stove invention

Ndua’s stove keeps a lid on cholera in Kenya

Women said they couldn't afford to boil water and cook, so a local inventor rolled up his sleeves.

What if you could report gender-based violence at… your local supermarket?

In the time of COVID-19, social distancing measures can make it harder to report and screen for gender-based violence (SGBV). In...

South Africa can’t get enough COVID-19 testing supplies. Here’s why we should be making...

A global shortage of the chemicals needed to test for the new coronavirus is crippling South Africa’s COVID-19 testing campaign and...

Africa’s COVID-19 coronavirus research must be tailored to its realities – by its own...

Trust is essential in the pandemic and scientists here can set the priorities that make the most sense for our people.

Can you be convicted of attempted murder if you expose someone to the new...

The virus at the centre of South Africa’s coronavirus outbreak may be new, but the idea that criminalising a disease can...

A new kind of chemistry: Why science is rethinking the humble bed net

Disease-spreading mozzies may be getting wise to our best defences, but science is fighting back.
pregnancy crisis centre

How US anti-abortion groups are funding South Africa’s ‘pregnancy crisis centres’

In 2018, Bhekisisa revealed how the University of Pretoria student clinic was referring women to anti-abortion "pregnancy crisis centres". Now, a global...

Love, sexts & the law: How good sex ed can protect your kids

In an age where more young people are having sex before the age of 15 than ever before, can we...

Crickets, beetles and moths. Eating them could help save the planet. But would you...

Farming insects requires less water than cattle rearing and they emit fewer greenhouse gases. Here’s why you should make them part...