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Mpumalanga reports its first cholera case — and death

Health Minister Joe Phaahla says South Africa's cholera cases have decreased significantly over the past week, particularly in Hammanskraal near Tshwane, where 23 people have died of cholera.

[WATCH] How does cholera spread?

Cholera is caused by bacteria that normally comes from the faeces of an infected person. Here’s how you can protect yourself.

‘I skip meals to make my insulin last longer’: The problem with Big Pharma’s...

The price of insulin in the United States will drop dramatically but people in low-income countries, who spend close to 100% of their income on the life-saving medication, won’t benefit.

Is a bigger cholera outbreak coming for Gauteng’s townships?

Public health experts worry that a cholera outbreak could be brewing in large townships like Diepsloot and Alexandra, where sewage runs through streets and rivers.

Paediatric-Adolescent-Treatment Africa’s plan to end Aids in children once and for all

As part of a new global alliance launched by UNAids, Unicef and the WHO to end Aids in children, the Paediatric-Adolescent-Treatment Africa (PATA) 2022...

How Rwanda could become one of the first countries to wipe out cervical cancer

Tens of thousands of community health workers in Rwanda are driving a powerful vaccination programme in the country that could make the East African nation the first country in the world to eliminate cervical cancer.

Crime and (no) punishment: Why Africa’s ports are vulnerable to counterfeit COVID vaccines

Africa’s ports are vulnerable to crime and corruption. Now they’re set to be the main thoroughfare for COVID vaccines entering the continent. Here’s why we need a better strategy to curb potential counterfeits coming through.
Fewer than 15 countries on the continent fund more than half of their national immunisation programmes.

AMPing up HIV prevention: An inside look at how the immune system fights off...

The start of this year's HIV Research for Prevention Conference brings with it new findings that show the potential of special antibodies to prevent HIV infection. We unpack the study and break down the key concepts.

Tortoise and the hare: Why a COVID vaccine is outrunning its HIV counterpart

Four COVID jabs’ efficacy results have been released within less than a year after the trials had started. But this is far from the norm. Researchers have been working on HIV vaccines for over three decades — and we still don’t have one. Here’s why.

‘This could be a game changer’: What you need to know about the eight-weekly...

Finally, a better HIV prevention choice for women. Here’s what we know about cabotegravir and what we don’t.

COVID-19 has increased hunger in SA. So what works best to improve access to...

South Africa’s expansion of social grants during lockdown was a good move — new evidence shows such cash transfers are effective in reducing food insecurity. But the country may need more of these and may also have to increase their amounts.

Why COVID school closures are making girls marry early

The pandemic’s impact is long-term: the UN warns that it could lead to 13 million more child marriages over a decade.

Why we should be making our own COVID medicines, vaccines and supplies

There's been an unequal scramble for COVID-19 vaccines, test kits and medicines that can shorten recovery periods. Wealthy countries have already pre-ordered more than 2 billion doses of vaccines that are still being tested, leaving poorer countries with few options for equal access. But what if we could produce some of the COVID solutions at home?
A family working in Malawi’s tobacco fields.

Big Tobacco faces landmark legal case over poverty wages

Lawyers argue that while farming families toil over backbreaking work in desperate poverty, British American Tobacco is reaping the rewards.
From the Ganges to Ghana, drones are taking to the sky to deliver the medication we need to stay alive. (Zipline)

Drones, drugs, hackers & the future of healthcare?

From the Ganges River to Ghana, drones are delivering vaccines, HIV tests and blood transfusions around the world and cutting waiting times for life-saving healthcare. But is all that glitters really gold when it comes to the next big thing in health?
Most medical aids won't cover a new

The WHO, the drug & women’s right to choose: The story behind dolutegravir

Take a look at the newest HIV treatment set to hit South Africa's shores in 2019.