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Three things that will shape the national health insurance here… and beyond

By now, most politicians in sub-Saharan Africa agree: State-sponsored health insurance is a non-negotiable when it comes to universal healthcare. In...

Whose National Health Insurance is it anyway? Taking back the power

Compass: Charting the course to a National Health Insurance Public comment on the NHI Bill has closed,...

Four ways the Competition Commission’s latest investigation will change the National Health Insurance

Compass: Charting a course to the NHI What does a nearly 300-page technical report mean for the...

The power, the purse strings and the National Health Insurance

Compass: Charting a course to the NHI The National Health Insurance (NHI) Bill proposes significant shifts in who...
Health Minister Zweli Mkhize

The National Health Insurance: Can Zweli Mkhize pull this off?

Can the health minister fix our health system and what will it take? Here’s what Mkhize’s character, views and his past...

The three biggest fights looming for the National Health Insurance

Who will control the country's healthcare purse and who will be left out? Find out and read why some are likely...

Will the National Health Insurance Bill go far enough to prevent corruption?

The National Health Insurance Bill was released on 8 August but a look at how well our mothers – and our...
The doctor that once defended Mbeki

Read: South Africa’s National Health Insurance Bill

The country's NHI Bill was introduced to Parliament today. You can find it here.

Five things you need to know about the new National Health Insurance Bill

Parliament released the NHI Bill this morning. Here is how healthcare in South Africa is likely to change.
Zweli Mkhize

READ: Mkhize’s speech on the National Health Insurance & women

Health Minister Zweli Mkhize spoke at an exclusive Bhekisisa event for editors on 6 August about the National Health Insurance and...

National Health Insurance: Is this medical aid paving the way to a new era...

The country’s largest closed medical scheme slashed costs of care by 12%. Here’s how they did it. 

Could a National Health Insurance Fund be just months away?

The time for talk is over, said Zweli Mkhize in his first budget speech as health minister. But if you thought...

WATCH: Zweli Mkhize presents the health budget and the National Health Insurance Bill

Mkhize's inaugural budget speech is expected to focus on the National Health Insurance Bill. The legislation, approved by Cabinet, is expected...
One country, one healthcare system was a theme at Ramaphosa's summit

The National Health Insurance: Who’s in, who’s out and how much will it cost

The NHI was the centre of this weekend’s presidential health summit. Now the pressure is mounting for Treasury to figure out how to fund it.
Health Minister Aaron Motsoaledi will be met with court cases from the private healthcare sector while dealing with pressure from trade unions to speed up the process.

Will the National Health Insurance actually work?

Read what Health Minister Aaron Motsoaledi has up his sleeve for your medical aid.