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How to get meds to Africa faster — and safer

South Africa’s medicines regulator is helping to process pharmaceutical companies’ applications for medicines to be approved by the African Medicines Agency. But the country won’t have a say in the appointment of the agency’s head because it hasn’t yet ratified the treaty for its establishment.

What’s happening with HIV numbers?

The United Nations Programme on HIV and Aids, UNAids, has released its latest HIV figures. Fewer people got infected with HIV in 2022 than...

Could electric bikes clean the air in the country of a quarter-million motorcycles?

In 2019, diseases linked to air pollution killed 1.1-million people in Africa. Could electric motorcycles save lives with cleaner air?

How Rwanda could become one of the first countries to wipe out cervical cancer

Tens of thousands of community health workers in Rwanda are driving a powerful vaccination programme in the country that could make the East African nation the first country in the world to eliminate cervical cancer.

How Africa plans to make 60% of the vaccines needed on the continent

Africa is building up its own vaccine manufacturing capacity which will make the continent less dependent on wealthy nations for vaccine supply.

Why we can’t afford to leave migrants out of our COVID-19 vaccine roll-out

Excluding refugees, asylum seekers and undocumented people in public health programmes is likely to have far-reaching implications for global COVID vaccination roll-outs.
We can get polio out of Africa this year and out of every country in the world in the next several years, say Bill and Melinda Gates.

Four factors blocking medicines made in Africa

Setting up a continent-wide medicines regulator in Africa could be key to getting the continent’s people the treatments and COVID vaccines they need. Here’s why more countries need to put their weight behind it.

Crime and (no) punishment: Why Africa’s ports are vulnerable to counterfeit COVID vaccines

Africa’s ports are vulnerable to crime and corruption. Now they’re set to be the main thoroughfare for COVID vaccines entering the continent. Here’s why we need a better strategy to curb potential counterfeits coming through.

South Africans aren’t being protected from fake sanitisers: What needs to be done

Sanitiser stockouts left governments to turn to more unconventional suppliers at the beginning of the year. Here’s why a lack of regulations in South Africa opened the market up to potentially toxic substitutes.

What developing countries can teach the Global North about how to respond to a...

When it comes to leadership and innovation, there's much that industrialised nations can learn.

A new kind of chemistry: Why science is rethinking the humble bed net

Disease-spreading mozzies may be getting wise to our best defences, but science is fighting back.
Ebola healthcare worker protective gear

The world finally has an Ebola vaccine. This is why it’s not enough

The World Health Organisation prequalified Merck's vaccine for widespread use in November but regulatory hoops are just a small part of the fight to get the jab to the places that need it most.

Three things that will shape the national health insurance here … and beyond

Most governments in Africa agree: national health insurances are key to universal healthcare. Will growing private equity investments help make it happen?

Figures & feelings: How trust can help repair a broken health system

More than two decades ago, an unthinkable genocide rocked Rwanda. What happened next could be a study in how to remake a health system from its ashes and why metrics are a mix of evidence — and trust.

Global health still mimics colonial ways: here’s how to break the pattern

Why it's time we look within for expertise on how to fix Global South healthcare issues.
From the Ganges to Ghana, drones are taking to the sky to deliver the medication we need to stay alive. (Zipline)

Drones, drugs, hackers & the future of healthcare?

From the Ganges River to Ghana, drones are delivering vaccines, HIV tests and blood transfusions around the world and cutting waiting times for life-saving healthcare. But is all that glitters really gold when it comes to the next big thing in health?