DC Bush

DC Bush is the senior multimedia reporter for Bhekisisa, the Mail & Guardian's health journalism centre. A campaigner for social justice, Bush believes the world is not for sale and is passionate about exposing human rights violations in Southern Africa.

Is your child vaccinated against measles? Here’s why they might need a booster shot

Even if your child has been vaccinated, booster shots provide an extra layer of protection.

[From our archives] The condom showdown: We put government’s new 'love gloves' to the test

Demelza Bush

The South African department of health's free condoms go head-to-head with the name brand competition.

[SLIDESHOW] Sunlight and plastic bottles could be the solution to Kibera's water woes

Demelza Bush

Science from the Swiss cleans water with sunlight.

Genderqueer: Existing outside the binary

Demelza Bush

When Demelza Bush was a little girl, she knew she wasn't. And they weren't a boy either.