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Dylan Bush

Dylan Bush is the senior multimedia reporter for Bhekisisa, the Mail & Guardian's health journalism centre. A campaigner for social justice, Bush believes the world is not for sale and is passionate about exposing human rights violations in Southern Africa.

This is what it's like being a sex worker: 'Police dragged me out in public naked'

Dylan Bush

Go inside one of the country's most dangerous jobs.

Is your child vaccinated against measles? Here’s why they might need a booster shot

Even if your child has been vaccinated, booster shots provide an extra layer of protection.

[From our archives] The condom showdown: We put government’s new 'love gloves' to the test

Demelza Bush

The South African department of health's free condoms go head-to-head with the name brand competition.

[SLIDESHOW] Sunlight and plastic bottles could be the solution to Kibera's water woes

Demelza Bush

Science from the Swiss cleans water with sunlight.

Genderqueer: Existing outside the binary

Demelza Bush

When Demelza Bush was a little girl, she knew she wasn't. And they weren't a boy either.