[From our archives] 'Once he says he doesn't want a condom, that's that'

Persomé Oliphant

Gender imbalances in intimate relationships make it difficult for women to decide when, if at all, to have children.

Washable pads have the potential to bring dignity to all women

Persomé Oliphant

Reusable sanitary towels are cheaper than regular pads and tampons but the state is failing to distribute these to schoolgirls from poor families.

A fist and a hard place

Persomé Oliphant, Amy Green

Some women find it hard to leave their abusers for economic and emotional reasons and feel 'stuck' in their situation.

Contraception at schools on Gauteng's agenda

Persomé Oliphant

Gender activists have welcomed talks between two departments about ways to reduce teenage pregnancies, but no decision has yet been taken.

Girls as young as 10 sold as sex slaves in South Africa

Persomé Oliphant

The normalisation of gender discrimination is blamed as the crucial factor that makes women and girls vulnerable to human traffickers.