Mothers and babies at risk in Apostolic church ‘birth camps’

Phyllis Mbanje

Leaders of Zimbabwe's Apostolic sects are warming to the idea of women giving birth at health clinics.

Allay the dangers of maternity by honouring rural custom

Phyllis Mbanje

Many women consult traditional healers, so it makes sense to enlist these cultural leaders in public health education.

Period pains can be debilitating, but they can also be treated

Phyllis Mbanje

Many women suffer from menstrual cramps extreme enough to confine them to bed, but treatment is available that can provide effective relief.

Get up, stand up, stand up for your cardiovascular might

Amy Green, Phyllis Mbanje

Going to gym twice a week isn’t enough to counter the effect of sitting on your backside all week.

Health-fad herb may reduce ARV efficacy, report warns

Phyllis Mbanje

Experts believe Ginkgo biloba, a natural product used in vitamin supplements, may be harmful if taken together with HIV medication.

Your toilet is cleaner than the kitchen - health study

Phyllis Mbanje

A new study has found that your kitchen counter is more likely to be contaminated by disease-causing bacteria than the handle of your toilet.

Extended drug roll-out is good news for prem babies

Phyllis Mbanje, Amy Green

A simple injection could save many lives, but pregnant mothers must be encouraged to undergo checks if there appear to be any problems.

Most mentally ill South Africans won't be helped

Phyllis Mbanje

Around a fifth of South Africans suffer from a mental disorder - but 75% don't receive the care they need.

Ebola 'hysteria' causes discrimination against patients - health dept

Phyllis Mbanje

Panic surrounding the Ebola virus has affected healthcare workers and has led to the discrimination against patients suspected of being infected.

Where there's smoke, there's fire

Phyllis Mbanje

Some researchers say e-cigarettes are less toxic than tobacco, but they are certainly addictive.