It's no breeze to explain birds 'n bees

Ramatamo Sehoai

The HPV vaccine roll-out is prompting parents to rethink how they talk to children about sex.

DIY remedies to give up smoking

Ramatamo Sehoai , Amy Green

Half of all SA smokers tried to quit last year –and failed. How can we raise the success rate?

Motsoaledi launches new contraceptive implant

Ramatamo Sehoai

Health Minister Aaron Motsoaledi has introduced a new contraceptive implant, which is active for three years, and is available at clinics from June.

Social media fans suicidal fire

Ramatamo Sehoai

There is growing evidence which suggests interactions on social media sites like Facebook romanticise suicide for teenagers part of emo subcultures.

Women sick of inequality - literally

Ramatamo Sehoai

Research shows women are more likely to have high blood pressure and experts blame the added stress of unequal gender roles.