The testing ground: Could an experimental vaccine save the DRC from Ebola?

Sarah Boseley, The Guardian

The virus’ resurgence, this time in a city of more than one-million people could set the scene for a fast-spreading disaster.

Why Ebola hit West Africa hard

Sarah Boseley

Low HIV rates in West Africa meant the region did not benefit from international aid for clinics and staff, leaving healthcare systems to crumble.

Weight gain ratchets up risk of ovarian cancer

Sarah Boseley

A new assessment of the evidence suggests putting on weight increases one's risk of the disease.

Fast food linked to child asthma

Sarah Boseley

Extensive research on children is ringing alarm bells about allergies.

Obesity: Children tip the scales

Sarah Boseley

The drive to prevent childhood obesity in the United Kingdom has not made progress.

Prevention still better than cure

Sarah Boseley

The prohibitive cost of cancer medicines and their lack of efficacy means early intervention is more important than ever.

Screens risky for toddlers

Sarah Boseley

A new study says televisions, computers, cellphones and console games are causing untold harm to children under three.

Sleeping pills linked to early death

Sarah Boseley

Chronic insomniacs are far better off treating their condition through cognitive behaviour therapy than with pills, new research suggests.

It's war on tropical diseases

Sarah Boseley

But experts warn that drugs alone will not win it, after the pharmaceutical giants agree to work together on an ambitious project.