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#AIDS2024: 4 sets of data — which one does the government use to track HIV targets?

The world has 18 months left — until the end of 2025 — to reach targets countries like South Africa signed up to in 2021. So where’s SA at? That’s tricky to answer, because the country uses four different ways to track this — and the numbers are not the same. We break down which set of data the health department uses to report to UNAids and what the other sets are for.

#Aids2024: SA has taken up US donations of CAB-LA — and will roll out the anti-HIV jab before the end of the year

Before the end of the year, 867 government health facilities will start to roll out the two-monthly HIV prevention injection, CAB-LA. The US government’s Aids fund, Pepfar, has donated 231 000 doses over two years to South Africa — 96 000 of the doses will arrive between October and December.

What Life Esidimeni and Gauteng’s late payment of NGOs have in common

The way in which Gauteng’s social development department has treated nonprofits’ funding this year reminds, to some extent, of the provincial health department’s conduct in the Life Esidimeni saga. Lisa Vetten writes why it’s important that government’s decision-makers be held accountable.

There’s a new way to test kids for TB — but the NHLS cyberattack has delayed its roll-out

Around 10% of South Africa’s 280 000 TB cases in 2022 were in children. But because it’s so difficult to diagnose the disease in this group, four in ten kids with TB aren’t treated. Researchers at the National Health Laboratory Service were planning to test a new way to find the bug in kids later this month — until a cyberattack put a spanner in the works.

Shunned: The hidden cost of speaking out about Life Esidimeni

An inquest has found that Gauteng’s former health MEC, Qedani Mahlangu, and former head of mental health, Makgabo Manamela, can be held responsible for the death of Christine Nxumalo’s sister, Virginia Machpelah. Nxumalo was one of the first Life Esidimeni family members who spoke out about the death of a loved one. But it came at a devastatingly high cost. Here’s why.

Read the full Life Esidimeni judgment — and find out how it all happened

On 10 July, Judge Mmonoa Teffo handed down judgment of the inquest into the deaths of 141 mental health patients of the state who...