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Unprescribed: Students are using the drug Ritalin to stay focused for exams.

[From our archives] ‘Smart drugs’ rife at universities

Students are abusing schedule six pills ahead of exams – with the help of their doctors.
South Africa can reap substantial gains by learning from and collaborating with Brazil

Opinion: SA should use Brics membership to strengthen research

South Africa has a lot to learn about efficient and effective ways to approach health research and policy, suggests John Ouma-Mugabe.
Minister of Health Aaron Motsoaledi is determined to ensure that private healthcare is made affordable before the National Health Insurance scheme rolls out in 2014.

Health sector cleared for surgery

An industry-wide probe into private healthcare seems likely, but stakeholders fear a witch hunt.
It takes an average 26 weeks to analyse the alcohol blood test results from the time they are dispatched by a police station.

Promoting good health makes cents

The establishment of a health promotion body in SA would save lives – and billions of rands.
Open wide: Good oral health could keep gum disease and other serious ailments such as cardiovascular disease at bay.

Sex life leaving a bad taste in your mouth?

Poor oral hygiene doesn't just affect your gums; it can also lead to impotence.
Research on carcinogens in the environment led to tobacco laws that helped to decrease the number of smokers in South Africa.

Letters to the editor

The M&G Health Journalism Centre would like to hear from you. Letters should include the name and address of the writer. Send to [email protected]
Cotlands is a former children's Aids hospice that was converted to an early childhood development facilitation centre.

But when the bough breaks …

‘Baby bins' can mean the difference between life – and death at the bottom of a trash can.
Nearly 80% of first-line ARVs used in the developing world are produced in India

Cheap drugs a bitter pill for the West

A global squabble over property rights could see the price of medicine soar in poor countries.
Studies have shown that antiretroviral drug Truvada helps shield HIV-negative people from contracting HIV

Women confound HIV researchers

Why would young, single African women not take free drugs that could potentially save them from contracting a life-threatening infection?
The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is the primary donor of this revolutionary initiative in global health data dissemination.

Aids most prevalent cause of early deaths in SA

Aids kills more people prematurely in SA than another other disease – in sharp contrast to two decades ago, which set them at just 12%.
Over the last decade a growing number of studies have raised the alarm about men's low involvement in HIV services.

Daily ARV dose ineffective among Africa’s HIV-negative women

According to HIV prevention trial results, the daily use of pills or a vaginal gel does not appear to prevent HIV-infection in African women.
The benefits associated with eating placenta are thought to be the result of the nutrients

Expanding contraceptive options for SA’s women

The long-acting implant contraceptive Jadelle is being made available at 50% of its original price to women in developing countries.
Describing the situation as a 'national crisis'

Rape begets rape – SA’s brutal legacy

Studies show that men who themselves are victims are more likely to abuse women
Allocations for healthcare are set from an inequitable base that predates 1994. This means that rural areas continue to be inadequately provided for in the government's budget.

Economic policy: The poor still lose

Rural areas have always been at the bottom of the list when it comes to healthcare and expenditure.
'Anything from soya

Report shows SA meat products contain donkey, goat, buffalo

The discovery of horse in meat products sparked outrage across Europe and a new Stellenbosch University report has revealed similar findings in SA.
Helen Keller epitomised triumph over adversity

The right to life – and death

However much we abhor the idea, the choice is personal and should be respected