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Brown Lekekela's organisation

Support flows in for rape centre

Diepsloot’s Green Door, a help service for victims of sexual violence, gets a boost, writes Mia Malan.
Surviving the process of childbirth is still a battle for many women in Africa.

Birth, a measure of progress

Reducing maternal and newborn mortality has to be a priority if Africa is to reach its potential.

Court case could axe a loophole letting sexual abusers off the hook for old...

Eight men and women may change the law and pave the way to justice and healing for thousands.
The SA government needs to make a back-up plan for spending on HIV/Aids

HIV infections in children under five down by over three quarters

A study has found that child-focused interventions have significantly reduced HIV-infection rates in children under the age of five.
South Africa’s healthcare system could collapse if the government does not intervene.

Medical aid board says SA has no choice but to back NHI

The industry body says the dwindling number of medical aid members means the government must act.
Desperate: Alexandra McDonald

Pharma sets price on life with world’s most expensive drug

Rare diseases lead to development of new drugs that, like other rare commodities command high prices.
Angola desperately needs vaccines for yellow fever.

Yellow fever vaccines diverted to help stem Angolan epidemic

The World Health Organisation says more than 200 people have died there since January and that there is a need to ramp up production of vaccines.
Shield: A Tanzanian woman and her child use a mosquito net as a preventative measure against malaria.

Malaria has been beaten back – but children are still dying

Now the fight is on to eliminate the illness entirely – and save those still at the mercy of the mosquito.
The benefits associated with eating placenta are thought to be the result of the nutrients

Expanding contraceptive options for SA’s women

The long-acting implant contraceptive Jadelle is being made available at 50% of its original price to women in developing countries.
Your next doctor's appointment may be on your smartphone.

Watch list: Four things that could change healthcare as we know it

Fact may be stranger than science fiction as artificial intelligence moves into consulting rooms.
Mosquito control: A Nicaraguan health worker fumigates an area in Managua.

Key institutes keep keen watch on Zika for Africa

The Ebola outbreak on the continent showed how countries with poor health systems are unfit to fight epidemics.
A new court case could finally give survivors and law enforcement the tools they need to bring sex offenders to justice even decades after their crimes.

#FrankelCase: Constitutional court rules there’s no expiry date on sexual offenses

A court ruling has lifted the time limit on reporting sexual assault. Prior to the ruling, we asked survivors how such a ruling would impact them.
Despite a strong HIV programme response

#AIDS2016: HIV is a social issue and requires a new tack to end the...

The government needs to spend much more on nonmedical interventions, and that comes down to changing the way people interact.
At peace: Buddhist nun Mila Kelsang says that even five minutes of meditation a day can reduce stress levels.

Meditation takes on medication

New research has shown that the 'practice of mindfulness meditation' can reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety.
Most medical aids won't cover a new

Staunching SA’s pregnancy wound

Unless the state's plan to curb maternal deaths is wholly implemented, it won't make a dent.
People returning from areas where the Zika virus is found should be careful to practice safe sex.

No cause for panic stations over SA Zika case, says expert

Health authorities say the visitor diagnosed with the mosquito-spread virus has recovered and there is minimal likelihood of a local outbreak.