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Employees at Messina hospital strike against the actions of their clinical chief executive officer Dr Allick Dube.

Fresh woes for dodgy doctor

A new complaint has been filed against Limpopo doctor Allick Dube.
South African doctors are giving antibiotics to healthy patients

Impoverished patients benefit from rejected drug patent

After a seven-year battle, India's government has successfully defended its right to reject drug patents if a medicine doesn't deserve one.
A participant of the HVTN 702 HIV vaccine trial receives her first dose ahead of the public launch of the vaccine in 2016.

Should everyone be getting the HIV prevention pill as part of clinical research trials?

Only some study participants have access to the tablet that can cut the risk of HIV infection by more than 90%.
Drinking four glasses of wine a day can increase your chances of getting breast cancer by about 50%.

Cancer and heart disease: Can alcohol help you or hurt you?

Drinking four glasses of wine a day can increase your chances of getting breast cancer by about 50%.
South African patients qualify for HIV treatment if their CD4 count – a measure of a person’s immunity – is 350 or lower.

Comment: SA could turn dread into capital

HIV diplomacy can be used to help the country become a better, more influential global citizen.

When ambulances wouldn’t respond to calls in this community, one woman started her own...

Where ambulances fear to tread: Life in Africa's largest informal settlement is rife with problems. Getting emergency care shouldn't be one of them, says...
Amelie Chauke was able to keep up with her healthcare on the go and ensure her baby was born HIV negative with the help of farm-based clinics.

Plant, pick, pack: Finding Mpumalanga’s missing fruit pickers

In this province, the agricultural and mining sectors draw thousands of workers each year – and then they disappear. Here’s why we need to find them.
Elated: ANC supporters welcome the news that higher education will be free for some but it may eat into the health budget.

What free education could cost us

Saturday’s surprise announcement could be the latest blow to the country’s bid for better healthcare.
How an international syndicate profited from Southern Africa's HIV epidemics

State capture strikes again? Why 95% of medicines are missing at North West clinics

Striking workers say a go-slow at the province's central depot will continue until their demands are met.
Nation of the hour: South Africa took on the United States when it went for the mat for affordable medicine access in the world's first UN declaration on TB.

What to expect from the world’s first high-level UN meeting on TB

Ramaphosa and Motsoaledi are expected to draw high praise at a UN meeting this week. Find out why.
Meet Julius. Studies have shown that he can sniff out about 42% more TB cases than the average lab technician can detect with an ordinary microscope.

Angelina Jolie takes on her biggest role — as a TB-sniffing rat

Angelina might just have saved a life. But is there science to prove it?

People should have access to abortion services. Do you agree? We’ve got a paying...

Bhekisisa and the Triad Trust are teaming up to track South Africa’s sexual health services such as abortion, family planning and counselling services for survivors of gender-based violence. Help us expand this free database.
Editar Ochieng leaves a chemist in Kibera having purchased termination pills. (Kate Holt, The Guardian)

“People have normalised rape… but no one talks about abortion. When I do, the...

With terminations outlawed in Kenya, women and girls in its largest slum have to rely on expensive and unreliable under-the-counter pills, toxic chemicals or...

How one COVID-19 case at St Augustine’s Hospital led to 135 infections within 51...

The coronavirus spread rapidly through Netcare St Augustine’s Hospital and beyond and made up 14% of KwaZulu-Natal’s infections by the end of April. ...
Malegapuru William Makgoba's scathing investigation helped blow the lid of the Life Esidimeni tragedy. Read what it taught him.

This man blew the lid off the #LifeEsidimeni tragedy. Read what it taught him.

When we got our independence, we did not ask ourselves what kind of ethics this new country needed. SA’s health ombud reflects on his first big case.
Three out of four SA men with hypertension don't know they have this condition

Silent killer: SA men unaware of hypertension

Three out of four SA men with hypertension don't know they have this condition, which is responsible for the deaths of 230 South Africans daily.