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Geofrey Yambayamba is taking his passion for pharmaceutics to Tanzania's government to get his country manufacturing medicine.

Create drugs, create self-reliance

A young pharmacist is driving a project to get Tanzania to make more of its own medicine.
E-cigarette smokers

E-cigarettes: ‘cancer risk close to zero’

Even though traces of cancer-causing chemicals have been found, the real killer – tobacco – is absent.
Health Minister Aaron Motsoaledi

Motsoaledi: Why I use government hospitals

Health Minister Aaron Motsoaledi has promised to get state facilities running to the highest standards.
Kehinde Oluwafemi with his mother before eye surgery.

‘No child should go blind’

Half of South Africa's 100 000 blind children could have been saved if they were treated earlier, shows a new report.
Trevor Mundel at the Nwamatibjana health centre in Mozambique.

‘NHI will benefit the entire region’

An effective healthcare system will free up donor money for more desperate countries.
Surgery at your fingertips: smartphones are changing the face of medicine.

Please Cure Me: Medics dial it down

Medical apps could drastically improve lives, but can't be accessed by those who need them most.
Health: Heterosexual males have less chance of contracting HIV after circumcision.

Child’s death scares off patients

Work on HIV prevention may be undone after a boy died after a medical circumcision procedure.
Researchers warn that the scale up of medical male circumcision should go hand in hand with a plan to maintain quality.

Circumcision: Child’s death scares off patients

Work on HIV prevention may be undone after a boy has died after a medical circumcision procedure.
Far cry: African countries have more than their fair share of healthcare issues.

Africa-China alliance can only benefit healthcare

China has reduced childhood deaths and illness from diseases that were once widespread.
Dual epidemic: Medical resources could be overwhelmed.

Longer lives put strain on NHI plans

Successes in the battle against infectious diseases are offset by chronic, noncommunicable illnesses.
South African patients qualify for HIV treatment if their CD4 count – a measure of a person’s immunity – is 350 or lower.

SA could turn dread into capital

HIV diplomacy can be used to help the country become a better, more influential global citizen.
Need for balance: More than 45–million South Africans do not have access to adequate health care.

Healthcare’s private parts to shrink

NHI details are not clear but it is certain that the priveged few will have to do with less.
[LISTEN] Health MEC: '#LifeEsidimeni families' voices were muffled’

Member ignorance the lifeblood of medical schemes

Many medical schemes rely on the ignorance of their members, who buy more expensive cover than they may need, for their very survival.
Crisis: there is a shortage of over 80 000 healthcare professionals and

Public private partnerships may answer doctor shortage

Politicians and industry experts say that partnerships between the public and private sectors may solve the doctor and nurse shortages in SA.
The youngsters have successfully completed their initiation and are now regarded as men. The campsite where the initiates stayed is burnt after the initiation is completed.

The boys who lost their manhood

During this initiation season, we look back at what happened in 2013 when bungled initiations cost boys their penises.
Overwhelmed: Many teens who have babies don't finish school

Stuck in a destructive cycle of poverty and teen pregnancy

To understand Mpumalanga's teen pregnancies, look closely at the much older men calling the shots.