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Tricky topic: Thami Mayo is a parent of a girl at Gonyane Primary School who told the M&G about the difficulties of discussing sex with his young child.

It’s no breeze to explain birds ‘n bees

The HPV vaccine roll-out is prompting parents to rethink how they talk to children about sex.
According to the TAC

Drug trove expiring in clinic fiasco

Rent arrears have shut a clinic's doors – just 500m from the Free State health MEC's office.
Still running: Irene van Niekerk at her home in an informal settlement in Krugersdorp.

Teenage mums need support, not censure

Stigma can ruin the lives of young mothers, but there is support available that can keep their futures bright.
Would you betray your partner in crime if it meant you could avoid jail? Here's how this mentality can push up the price of medicines.

New TB drug regimen on the horizon

Patients with drug resistant TB could benefit from a new drug regimen, which will be tested in clinical trials this year.
There have been a? litany of complaints against Allick Msebe Dube

Controversial Messina doctor’s medical licence revoked

Almost a year after the first complaints were filed with the HPCSA about Dr Dube, the Limpopo doctor's medical licence has been stripped.
Years of cocaine abuse led his life to ruin

Life’s precipice puts addiction into perspective

Three drug addicts tell their stories of devastation, desperation and, finally, the long road to recovery.
South Africa's Health Minister Aaron Motsoaledi played a leading role in convening government heads at a United Nations meeting this week.

Medical negligence claims threaten NHI

Due to the high costs of litigation medical negligence claims could bankrupt a future NHI, say experts.
The Gauteng health department has agreed to pay almost half-a-million rand to an HIV-positive woman after she was coercively sterilised.

Gauteng pays after forced sterilisation for HIV-positive woman

The Gauteng health department has agreed to pay almost half-a-million rand to an HIV-positive woman after she was coercively sterilised.
John Edward says he was once a sceptic too.

Getting closure from the other side

Psychics such as John Edward are 'mostly harmless' and often quite helpful to the living, experts say.
Under Minister of Health Aaron Motsoaledi

From critical condition to stable

The nation's healthcare system reflects the actions of the ministers responsible for it over the years.
Harsh treatment: Correctional service authorities at the Boksburg prison disbanded a support group started by HIV-positive prisoners

Break the silence on HIV in prison

Prisoners are being deprived of treatment, and punished for speaking up about it.
Outspoken advocate: In 2007 Galip Asvat

Men are also ‘corrective rape’ victims

Many men, thanks to social stigmas, are ashamed to report sexual hate crimes – but they are almost as common as they are against lesbians.
Condoms are common contraceptives used to prevent pregnancies.

TAC ‘disappointed’ by ANC’s approach to condoms in schools

The Treatment Action Campaign has criticised the ANC for what it says is the party's non-commitment to making condoms available at schools.
Gifted: Dembe Ndou keeps the pupils and teachers entertained with her beautiful voice and extraordinary skill on the keyboard.

Autism and its uncommon angels

Dembe Ndou learned to play piano in no time at all, but simply chatting is a complex challenge.
French scientists have singled out a mechanism that spontaneously 'cured' two people of HIV

Can we end Aids in Africa?

While much has been done to end Aids in Africa, more work by governments is necessary to move forward, particularly in SA.
The SA government needs to make a back-up plan for spending on HIV/Aids

SA has highest number of new HIV infections worldwide – survey

With over 400 000 new HIV infections occurring in 2012, South Africa ranks first in HIV incidence in the world, says an HSRC survey.