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Johannesburg Fresh Produce Market

Want food security? Stop the rot

Malnutrition is killing South Africa's children, yet half of the country's fresh produce is wasted.
There have been a? litany of complaints against Allick Msebe Dube

Shadowy past dogs Limpopo hospital chief

Records show that Musina hospital boss Allick Dube was suspended for negligence in Tennessee.
Former minister of the Eastern Cape health department

Free healthcare is a human right

Healthcare that is accessible to all is the foundation on which an equitable and efficient system must be built.
Unjustifiable: Human rights group Section27 says that making life ­insurance  unaffordable for HIV-infected people just serves to perpetuate the stigma around the condition.

People with HIV pay more for life insurance – if they can get it

Their life expectancy is almost as high as those who are HIV free, yet they pay much more.
Health Minister Aaron Motsoaledi.

Motsoaledi spotlights Bhekisisa in health budget speech

Health Minister Aaron Motsoaledi has highlighted the coverage of the M&G's new health journalism centre, Bhekisisa, in his budget vote speech.
The executive director of the National Institute of Communicable Diseases

Jabs deplete vaccine budget but dramatically cut child mortality

Prevenar and Rotarix have emptied paediatric wards but the coverage is still too low.
The new woman's condom is thinner and softer than the original female condom and its rounded cap makes it easier to insert.

China comes to Africa’s medical aid

Hopes are high that the new partnership will ensure easy, cheaper access to vaccines and medicine.
Stand and deliver: James Francis takes a new approach to working. Standing and working has some health and productivity benefits.

Sitting could be the death of you

Hemingway did it. Churchill did it. So let's do it. Let's all stand up while we work.

Sub-Saharan Africa ranks lowest for mothers

Having a baby in sub-Saharan Africa is riskier than anywhere else according to the latest State of the World's Mothers report.
The benefits associated with eating placenta are thought to be the result of the nutrients

The world needs midwives, now more than ever

May 5 is International Midwife Day: a day to acknowledge the vital impact midwives have on maternal health in South Africa.
NHI: GPs polled want to work part-time.

Doctors give NHI a qualified thumbs up

GPs with their own practices are interested in working for the NHI scheme – with caveats.
Sewn up: The ­private sector has built up ­sophisticated ­administration ­systems that the NHI

‘Let private skills come to NHI’s aid’

Mia Malan reports on the challenges of involving medical schemes in the administration of the National Health Insurance scheme.
Dr Meshack Mbokota at his private practice in Pretoria. GPs won't be able to work for the NHI from their surgeries.

NHI pioneers new payment system

In the first of a two-part series about the NHI, Mia Malan reports on state plans to change the rigid reimbursement formula for private doctors.
New life: Will the NHI bring a glimmer of hope for rural patients?

Take care over the next hill

What, if anything, does the private healthcare sector have to offer the rural poor?
In 2011

ARVs alone won’t save HIV infected mothers

Access to ARVs is improving, but poor attitudes to patients are aggravating maternal mortality rates.
Truth serum: The M&G Bhekisisa centre aims to avoid disseminating myths.

Ignorant reporting can be lethal

As the fallout regarding misinformation about vaccines and antiretrovirals shows, words can kill.