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Chanda Mollers teaches yoga to Sister Abegail Nhleko's children.

A mother to 30; a nurse to thousands

Undaunted by apartheid and Aids, she has made all the difference to those otherwise abandoned.
Survivors: Phumeza Tisile and Xolelwa Joni went to Paris to tell a world conference about their battle with extensively drug-resistant tuberculosis.

‘You can fight if you have support’

Two young women are proving to the world that the most deadly strain of TB can be beaten.
Doctors and nurses were held at gunpoint to stop giving patients treatment.

We can stop the haemorrhaging

South Africa has the means and opportunity to keep its healthcare professionals.
Helping hands: Zethu Mqopi* and her daughter Sisanda*. Zethu has learnt to carry out household chores

‘If they are raped, then so what?’

Mentally disabled people in the rural Eastern Cape are considered worthless, even evil. When girls are sexually abused, mothers are no longer shocked.
India's Mr Sputum is changing perceptions by associating TB with humour.

Spit twit nips TB shame in the bud

India has dispatched an unlikely hero to promote tuberculosis awareness and battle its stigma.
Soured celebration: Photographs of Winnie Makalateng's grandson brings back memories of her daughter

Mothers haunted by hospital hell

Our children’s lives were lost due to the negligence of the Mpumalanga health system, say grieving mothers.
Africa needs more emergency care specialists to prevent unnecessary deaths due to a lack of capacity and training.

Medics ‘sabotaged’ Eastern Cape health

The Eastern Cape health department claims hospital staff misled a government inspection team to create a bad impression.
Employees at Messina hospital strike against the actions of their clinical chief executive officer Dr Allick Dube.

Hospital staff dismissed for striking against dodgy doctor

Four Messina Hospital staff members, who are also shop stewards for the union Nehawu, have been dismissed for inciting strike action against a doctor.
Pravin Gordhan's 'careful control of the wage bill' and expenditure on goods and services will impact negatively on health service delivery

How Gordhan’s expenditure cuts could affect health targets

Finance minister Pravin Gordhan’s "careful control of the wage Bill" will impact negatively on health service delivery, says a health economist.
Costly exercise: When Rio de Janeiro celebrated World Aids Day in 2007 it was with the knowledge that patent laws had driven up the cost of Brazil's Aids programme.

Brazil’s sick of patent exploitation

The country is fighting the intellectual property laws that hiked up the cost of its HIV programme.
Rooibos tea's lack of caffeine improves its health benefits.

Green rooibos takes fight to diabetes

An antioxidant found in tea brewed from the indigenous plant offers hope for new treatments.
The same number of South African boys and girls start school

Bring back the lost girls

This country must find ways to keep girls in school and educate them about HIV prevention.
Durban's McCord Hospital will be sold to government early next year.

Government to take over Durban’s McCord Hospital

McCord Hospital in Durban will be sold to the government in a deal that will be concluded next year.
Individual healthcare centres are forced to charge fees

Patient fees cripple Zim’s healthcare

Skewed state funding has left many centres dependent on fees that patients can't afford, writes Mara Kardas-Nelson.
People living with HIV are mostly scrupulous about getting check-ups.

Harsh price of HIV-linked longevity

HIV+ people on ARVs are now living longer lifespans. But the virus's associated diseases could put an unbearable strain on the health system.
Most medical aids won't cover a new

Staunching SA’s pregnancy wound

Unless the state's plan to curb maternal deaths is wholly implemented, it won't make a dent.