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Medical oxygen

All about the air: How COVID turned oxygen into a luxury

Access to oxygen could mean the difference between living or dying for a COVID patient. But developing countries lack the infrastructure to produce liquid oxygen and transport it to hospitals. Now a team of scientists at Cambridge University has come up with a solution.

Rape, time & place: How to understand SA’s geography of violence

Simply identifying hotspots doesn’t explain why some places report more gender-based violence than others. This limits our understanding of the problem, and our ability to find a solution.

‘If men are these monsters’: Life in the fray of SA’s gender-based violence projects

South Africa is rushing to roll out its first national gender-based violence action plan. But as bureaucracy and the coronavirus pandemic stall progress, violence against women continues unabated. And the hot spots that will receive extra resources, it seems, have been wrongly identified.

Updated: Pregnant and breastfeeding women will soon be included in the Sisonke J&J trial

The Sisonke trial, that was paused earlier this month because of the US government's regulator the Food and Drug Administration's , investigation into rare blood clotting disorders associated with the Johnson & Johnson jab, will resume on Wednesday, April 28th.
We can get polio out of Africa this year and out of every country in the world in the next several years, say Bill and Melinda Gates.

Four factors blocking medicines made in Africa

Setting up a continent-wide medicines regulator in Africa could be key to getting the continent’s people the treatments and COVID vaccines they need. Here’s why more countries need to put their weight behind it.

How South Africa’s COVID vaccine injury fund will work

In the rare event that you experience a severe side-effect as a result of COVID-19 vaccines, this fund will pay you out.

People should have access to abortion services. Do you agree? We’ve got a paying...

Bhekisisa and the Triad Trust are teaming up to track South Africa’s sexual health services such as abortion, family planning and counselling services for survivors of gender-based violence. Help us expand this free database.

Cash for COVID: Why this controversial trial is asking people to voluntarily get infected

People who participate in a challenge trial volunteer to get sick in order to help scientists learn more about a disease. These studies have been used for diseases like cholera and malaria — and now for COVID-19.

#SayHerName: The faces of South Africa’s femicide epidemic

This is an ode to the women whose names made it into news outlets between 2018 and 2020. It’s also a tribute to those who didn’t – the faceless, nameless women whose stories will remain untold. This project is a collaboration among Bhekisisa, Media Hack and the Canon Collins Trust.

We say goodbye to South Africa's 'people's doctor', Sindi van Zyl

South Africa lost one of its most prominent HIV doctors, Sindisiwe Van Zyl this weekend due to COVID-related complications. She’ll be remembered for her ability to make HIV and reproductive health knowledge accessible to her hundreds of thousands of Twitter followers.

The Pfizer vaccines are coming. Is SA’s cold chain ready?

South Africa previously rolled out the oral polio vaccine which must be stored at minus 20 degrees Celsius like the Pfizer jab. Here’s what it takes to keep up the cold chain.

Streets (not) made for walking: How poor urban planning in African cities exacerbates inequality

We’re all aware of the health benefits of walking. But for many of Africa’s urban populations who are forced to walk because of poor development planning, walking is not a leisure activity – it’s an indicator of inequality.

Q&A: Six things you should know about the Sisonke COVID jab study

How do Sisonke study researchers decide which hospital is a COVID vaccination site and will these venues also be used for our wider, national vaccine roll-out? We break it down for you and also explain how sites store the jabs.

How prejudice strips people with disabilities of their sexual and reproductive rights

Many people with physical disabilities find it hard to access sexual and reproductive health services — and it’s often the prejudice of those without disabilities that stands in their way.

Why South Africa isn’t using the AstraZeneca jabs it bought

South Africa’s decision against the AstraZeneca vaccine marked the first time South Africa departed with WHO's advice in its COVID-19 pandemic response.

Vaccine history, part 1: What can we learn from measles?

Measles is one of the world’s most contagious diseases. But cases almost completely disappeared through mass vaccination campaigns. As we once again attempt to end a pandemic through vaccines, here are some lessons to take away for the roll-out of COVID jabs.