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COVID crash course: A walkthrough of everything you need to know about viruses, variants...

COVID variants are new versions of the virus that are smarter at surviving. But before we can understand what these changed forms mean for vaccines, we first need to go back to the basics. We take you through the evolution of the virus and what this means for your body’s defences.

A ban on boosters: Why richer countries should wait for others to catch up...

Rich countries are already beginning to look at possibly rolling out booster shots of COVID vaccines. Causing the World Health Organisation to call for a ban on these programmes until September in order to give poorer countries a chance to catch up in their search for sufficient doses.

Vaccine denialism kills: Mail & Guardian has let down its readers

Those who dispute that the COVID vaccines used in South Africa are safe and effective are just wrong.

How do vaccines work when you have HIV or cancer? Three questions answered

Why should you wait for two weeks after a flu jab before getting vaccinated for COVID, and is it safe to get a shot if you have a weak immune system? We break it down.

If we work together, we can make lasting inroads into healthcare worker shortages

By assisting and supporting our doctors, researchers and students, the Discovery Foundation is building a healthier future for every South African

Getting COVID after being vaccinated can happen — but it’s rare. Here’s what we...

Vaccines help to reduce the spread of COVID, but they are not without shortcomings. Here’s what they can and can’t do.

Why we can’t afford to leave migrants out of our COVID-19 vaccine roll-out

Excluding refugees, asylum seekers and undocumented people in public health programmes is likely to have far-reaching implications for global COVID vaccination roll-outs.

The 30-day rule: Why you have to wait for a vaccine if you’ve recently...

Scientists know that people who have had COVID still benefit from getting vaccinated with at least one shot of vaccine. But can you get vaccinated while you have COVID?

Curbing COVID in children: Why it’s safe to reopen schools

Children have not been the drivers of COVID-19 in South Africa, but data monitored since the beginning of the pandemic shows that the likelihood of infection, disease or death among them generally increases with age.
Adrian Ephraim decided to go cold turkey

How to end tobacco use for good: What SA’s COVID tobacco ban has taught...

Local tobacco companies’ market share quadrupled during the country’s temporary sales ban in 2020, overtaking Big Tobacco’s pre-ban monopoly on South Africa’s tobacco industry.

Four lessons from 40 years of HIV: Why COVID doesn’t end with equitable vaccine...

Inequity in COVID vaccine access echoes mistakes from the HIV response. In the forty years since Aids was first identified, there have also been several lessons on how to contain a pandemic. Starting with equity and supporting health systems.

Half of KZN patients have no chronic medication. Here’s how looting affected SA’s COVID...

Vaccines were stolen and many urban vaccine sites had to close as Gauteng and KwaZulu-Natal erupted into chaos this past week. The biggest loss however is not vaccines, but the chronic medicines that were looted leaving those with HIV, cancer and diabetes without their medication.

A pandemic without an end: How systemic racism is hampering vaccine uptake

COVID vaccine roll-outs are missing communities of colour. This has been linked to distrust in health services among minority groups due to historical abuse. But that further victimises these communities. Here’s why racism continues to pervade the health system and breed mistrust.

How well is Pfizer’s COVID jab working in SA? We break down some of...

A local analysis found promising protective effects of the Pfizer COVID vaccine — even among those who had only received one dose. The data from Discovery Health illustrates how vaccination can lower your risk of infection. But even with this promise, the variants circulating in South Africa means we shouldn’t abandon existing safety measures.

Are you stuck at home with your abuser? This tool can help

This free tool will point you to gender-based violence services closest to you – no mobile data required.

‘We only write about them when they are dead’: Hate killings of black lesbians...

Nearly three decades after South Africa’s first Gay and Lesbian pride march, journalist and researcher Nechama Brodie takes a look at the violent history the country’s black lesbians have endured.