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Analysis: Why policy is failing community health workers

Community workers are twiddling their thumbs while the state drags its heels on a new strategy, writes Mia Malan.
Elegant: E-cigarettes may not be as toxic as regular cigarettes

Where there’s smoke, there’s fire

Some researchers say e-cigarettes are less toxic than tobacco, but they are certainly addictive.
The youngest daughter of Samantha Benjamin* is HIV positive because her mother didn’t seek medical help.

Ignoring prenatal HIV care leads to a lifelong burden

Mothers blame themselves and their children can never give up their antiretrovirals.
Presumption of innocence: Benny Malakoane.

[From our archives] Former Free State health MEC: They call me a killer, I...

In this 2014 interview, former Free State health MEC Benny Malakoane says that detractors are still alive is proof of the good work under his watch.
The Harare Central Hospital follows a ‘demedicalised’

Cerebral palsy: ‘To take care of others, you must start with yourself’

Cerebral palsy does not only affect one person, it alters the lives of the family as well.
The favelas are served by teams of community workers

SA can learn from Brazil’s health model

The favelas are served by teams of community workers, who are the doctors' eyes and ears.
Stereotyping prevents men who sleep with other men from accessing proper treatment and prevention of HIV infection.

Double stigma leaves gay men with little hope

Stereotyping prevents men who sleep with other men from accessing proper treatment and prevention of HIV infection.
The NPA offered to drop charges against community health workers if they admitted guilt

Layoffs prove to be a bitter pill to swallow

Ill residents may suffer most after the axing of Free State community health workers.
Kgotso Molefe is successfully dealing with his bipolar disorder.

‘I won the battle to beat bipolar’

The condition is widely misunderstood but it can be treated successfully with the right medication.
The latest Bill related to the National Health Insurance

Maximum intervention prescribed

The HPCSA failed to rein in medical aid schemes — now it’s up to the Competition Commission
Widely cited statistics say South Africa trails the United States and Mexico in levels of obesity

Is obesity all in the head?

Scientists believe the brain is key to treating weight problems, and are closing in on answers.
The ANC maintains that Malakoane did an excellent job at the helm of the province's health system even after the Medicine Control Council shut down an unlawful stem cell "trial" at one of the province's hospital this week.

How a dying woman’s bed was taken by an ANC official

In the Free State, access to health services can depend on who you know, as the tragic case of one woman illustrates.
Sydney Mokoena has not been able to access a doctor for eight months.

Life-saving medical care not available to ‘people of nothing’

Appalling conditions in Free State hospitals reveal a health care system that seems to be corrupt from top to bottom.
Samuel Masetlha's life has been transformed after being fitted with an artificial limb.

Prosthetics give the poor a leg up

An NGO is changing lives by giving prosthetic limbs to amputees from rural and poor areas.
The high court hearing of aparthied-era biological project head Wouter Basson has been postponed.

How long do we have to wait for Dr Death to be punished?

The much-anticipated sanctioning of Wouter Basson has still not happened, 13 years later.
*Pam Dlamini is HIV positive

Mpumalanga healthcare limps to aid of ailing poor

These stories show how complex health is in Mpumalanga, and how few opportunities there are for disempowered people to change their circumstances.