Kala azar is a neglected tropical disease endemic to South Sudan.

A jab controls sandfly bite killer fever, but not in South Sudan

Early diagnosis, a simple test, vector curbs and a new medicine is effective in many areas, but South Sudan can't rely on this treatment.
The Ramadan fast can have significant health benefits for those who observe it.

Ramadan 2016: How the fast can help your health

Some research suggests that fasting not only has spiritual benefits but physical ones as well.

COVID vaccines 101: Breaking down the good, the bad, and the promise of the...

With hundreds of potential COVID vaccine candidates being tested around the world, here’s a quick guide to which ones you should keep an eye on — and when we could see results.

Starving in the city: Why SA’s richest province is hungry

South Africa’s Constitution makes food a human right, but 11% of the country’s people are hungry. Here’s why.

EXCLUSIVE: Every COVID question you’ve wanted to ask Dr Anthony Fauci

We ask the infectious diseases specialist Anthony Fauci 18 questions about the COVID pandemic: from what works to counter vaccine hesitancy to whether life will even return to the normal we knew before COVID-19.

Crime and (no) punishment: Why Africa’s ports are vulnerable to counterfeit COVID vaccines

Africa’s ports are vulnerable to crime and corruption. Now they’re set to be the main thoroughfare for COVID vaccines entering the continent. Here’s why we need a better strategy to curb potential counterfeits coming through.
Reverend Joseph Maboe's son Billy died after being transferred from Life Esidimeni. Billy had dreams of leaving hospital

#LifeEsidimeni: NGOs ‘chose patients like cattle at an auction’

The department moved people to save money and NGOs were happy to take them in for cash.

From Central Park to Nasrec, the COVID-19 field hospitals of today are shaping the...

South Africa is scrambling to set up field hospitals in places such as the Nasrec Expo and Durban International Convention centres as the country...

#LifeEsidimeni: ‘The media was out to tarnish the image of the department’

Makgabo Manamela is one of three officials implicated by the health ombud in the tragedy. Here’s a snapshot of her testimony during arbitration.
Nation of the hour: South Africa took on the United States when it went for the mat for affordable medicine access in the world's first UN declaration on TB.

What to expect from the world’s first high-level UN meeting on TB

Ramaphosa and Motsoaledi are expected to draw high praise at a UN meeting this week. Find out why.
Cervical cancer patient Alice Sibiya has waited more than one year to receive treatment.

Cancer treatment waiting times in KZN increase by almost 30% as services stall

Cancer patients are waiting up to nine months for treatment, says the South African Human Rights Commission.

COVID-19: What happens if some countries don’t vaccinate?

Some countries, such as Tanzania and Madagascar, have issued statements saying they do not have plans to vaccinate their populations against COVID-19. Find out what this means for the global effort to contain the pandemic.
Some men need to seek medical help sooner

Erectile dysfunction: What your penis is trying to tell you

Erectile dysfunction can be a sign of a more severe condition.

If your Twitter timeline is full of mentions of a fabled Madagascar cure for...

Africa Check separates fact from fiction when it comes to the lastest unproven treatment being peddled for the new coronavirus. South African Health Minister Zweli...
A study on the incidence of child sexual abuse in South Africa reveals the extent of these crimes committed against local youth.

Four things parents can do to keep their kids’ kidneys healthy

In the developed world up to 5% of patients with chronic kidney disease are children. But statistics are harder to come by in the developing world.
Tshwane offers heroin users treatment to beat heroin cravings and withdrawal symptoms.

New Gauteng programme allows drug users to swap illegal highs for safer alternatives

The Tshwane initiative could help reduce drug use, drug-related crime and new HIV infections.