The juice and injustice in your fruit: ‘I had to pick enough fruit to...

Why righting human rights abuses against migrant workers starts with recognising the intersection of gender, labour & exploitation. Human-rights lawyers are warning that abuse...
In the Eastern Cape’s OR Tambo district

Fed-up NHI doctors say they are nothing more than glorified nurses

GPs working in the National Health Insurance’s biggest pilot site say they won't stay because of drug stock-outs, staff shortages and long queues

The coronavirus ‘vaccine’ Ekurhuleni wants to import doesn’t exist

The “vaccine” Ekurhuleni mayor is hoping to buy from a Cuban-Chinese company isn’t a vaccine. It’s a drug — and it’s not proven to...
Fewer pregnant women in South Africa die during pregnancy and giving birth or soon thereafter compared with 2009 – but the country’s maternal mortality ratio needs to be cut in half by 2030 if it wants to meet United Nations goals.

Giving birth has become less dangerous in South Africa

But will the country be able to half its maternal mortality ratio by 2030 - in time to achieve its sustainable development goal? South Africa...
Spanish farm workers

Farmworkers: No gloves, no masks, no water

The Collective of African Workers, a grassroots organisation campaigning for an end to the shanty towns in one of Spain's most important farming regions Migrant...

‘All of the women in my department have slept with the supervisor. This is...

Women at factories in Lesotho owned by Taiwanese firm say jobs and promotions in jeopardy if they refuse advances, claims report Women producing jeans for...
Ace Magashule kept Benny Malakoane on as health MEC for two years despite outcries from activists

Three things we exposed about the Free State under Ace Magashule’s watch

Magashule finally shuffled controversial health MEC Benny Malakoane sideways in his provincial cabinet in 2016 but not before we uncovered this.
Thabo Mbeki published a letter on his website this week in which he denied that HIV was a leading cause of death during his presidency.

Mbeki deserves to be condemned by history, says TAC

The ex-president will be judged harshly for his unrepentant stance over an estimated 300 000 HIV-related deaths, the activist organisation says.
What started as a bizarre press release touting a "potential HIV cure" has gone viral leading media houses all over the world to lash out over firm Zion Medical's latest claims.

South Africa is placed on alert for ‘superbug’ as drug-resistant yeast infections rise globally

Health experts warn of a potentially fatal fungal infection that is said to be spreading in hospitals.

After lockdown: Four expert tips for a more sober South Africa

South Africa has a drinking problem but research reveals a few things that could help curb harmful alcohol use in the country. South Africa banned...

Dying in the line of duty

The murder of an Mpumalanga doctor on duty has exposed the lax security at public hospitals.
A new online tool lets you calculate your chances of falling pregnant via IVF.

How the death of two Ugandan mothers is helping entrench the right to health...

The case has already contributed to improved jurisprudence on socioeconomic rights in Uganda

Hearts: R1.5 million. Kidneys: R3.5 million. Can you really buy organs in Cape Town?

Why languish in illness when the poor could be used to help you live long and prosper? A dubious advertisement recently advocated.
Want to influence policy? Here’s how to write an op-ed

Work with us: We’re offering three paid internships for final year students

​Bhekisisa, the Mail & Guardian’s Health Journalism Centre, is offering three, paid journalism internships to final year journalism students.

No fetus scan, no abortion. Really?

A draft bill is likely to virtually remove women’s access to safe abortions.
medical workers

South Africa could see 40 000 COVID-19 deaths by November

South Africa won’t have enough hospital beds to treat COVID-19 patients as symptomatic cases of COVID-19 could surpass a million by July, reveal official...