Stats SA believes the country's life expectancy is on the increase again

After drastic drop SA life expectancy rises

While South African life expectancy dropped between 1990 and 2013, the are signs of hope again.
Both overweight and underweight children are considered to be malnourished.

‘Malnutrition: Toddlers are almost as often overweight as they are underweight’

A quarter of the world's overweight children live in Africa, amounting to almost the same number as wasting minors.

One year on: Relive SA’s historic Life Esidimeni arbitration

The deaths of at least 144 mental health patients shook SA to its core and led to a historic arbitration that lasted more than 40 days.

Social media or social anxiety? How online platforms can harm our kids

Social media can be good and bad for children. But the bad can get ugly, though. Some children suffer serious symptoms such as anxiety and attention issues as well. The solutions are simple and cheap, researchers say.

​Government disputes drug stock-out survey: ‘Far fewer clinics run out of medicine’

The report describes medication shortages as "a serious threat to the public healthcare system". But the government says the figures are inaccurate.
Previous calls to decriminalise drug use

National HIV plan scraps calls to decriminalise drug use

Contraception may be finally coming to a secondary school near you.
The SA government needs to make a back-up plan for spending on HIV/Aids

SA has highest number of new HIV infections worldwide – survey

With over 400 000 new HIV infections occurring in 2012, South Africa ranks first in HIV incidence in the world, says an HSRC survey.
A bridge too far: Patients travel to Standerton from as far away as 30km away to visit the government clinic there.

Mpumalanga’s health is failing – but it won’t take its medicine

Poor management and leadership instability lead to R2-billion in irregular expenditure.
The tobacco industry has launched another widespread ad campaign to combat new tobacco regulations.

Did Big Tobacco buy Twitter?

There's more to the data — and social media — backing the latest tobacco-funded ad campaign.
The strategy marks the first time that provinces have been tasked with developing and implementing parallel local HIV and TB plans.

Eight ways to make HIV stories meaningful

HIV is a mirror that reflects how we think about society. It exposes our prejudices. Find out how to tell interesting stories about it.

Table talk: This deal could get vaccines to poorer countries fast. Guess who’s blocking...

Powerful governments, including the European Union and the UK, are resisting a proposed deal that could enable companies in less developed countries to legally manufacture COVID products developed by large pharmaceutical companies.

Tours, trips and travel: Why vaccine passports may be a route back to normal...

After a year of lockdowns and restrictions, vaccine passports could allow people to travel more freely within their communities, enter other countries or engage in leisure activities that were largely prohibited during the COVID pandemic. But they also have the potential to further divide the global rich from the global poor.

Joining the COVID vaccine queue: Why SA’s teens will have to wait for the...

South Africa’s medical regulatory body has authorised Pfizer’s COVID vaccine for children 12 and up. But it’s unlikely this age group will be included in the country’s national roll-out soon. Find out why.

Why SA women with postpartum depression go unhelped

The social and economic factors faced by women do not disappear once they become pregnant. Without additional support those problems get much worse and can be bad for their families too.
Lives at risk: Police arrested six people in Johannesburg last week for running an illegal abortion clinic.

Obstacles persist for safe, legal termination

The World Health Organisation estimates that one in five pregnancies globally end in induced abortion.
Families hold a vigil for Life Esidimeni patients. They may have warmed to Gauteng Premier David Makhura during the arbitration and meetings ahead of the proceedings

#LifeEsidimeni: What will the Gauteng government be forced to pay?

The families of the nearly 150 mental health patients who died in the Life Esidimeni tragedy will know today how much they will be compensated.