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J&J will deliver 2-million new jabs to SA – within 2 weeks, says Aspen

Johnson & Johnson plans to replace our two million unusable jabs by July. The vaccines are unsuitable for use and must be destroyed, while the country’s vaccination programme lags behind schedule.

SA’s COVID vaccine roll-out is a go. Find out where health workers can get...

Eighty thousand Johnson & Johnson jabs will touch down at OR Tambo International Airport today and be distributed to 16 sites across the country where healthcare workers will be vaccinated. Find out more.

Have provinces really paid outstanding billions to laboratory services?

The national health department says provinces have paid up but the head of lab services denies this.
Reportedly up to 80% of women infected with HPV don’t develop cancer with their “immune systems clearing it out naturally”.

Cervical cancer’s deadly contradiction

Despite cervical cancer being the most preventable form of cancer, it is afflicting more South African women than any other kind.
Health minister Aaron Motsoaledi expects legal push back as the country implements the second phase of universal health coverage.

‘SA health system is not collapsing’ – Motsoaledi

National health department deploys 200 officials to country’s beleaguered hospitals.

Cold truth: South Africa won’t be able to store these COVID vaccines. Here’s why

Getting a COVID-19 vaccine into the country is one thing, but making sure the jab gets to people who need it – and is effective once they get it – is a feat for which South Africa is ill-equipped, experts say.
The international philanthropic foundation is set to invest more in nutrition research.

Nutrition remains single biggest ‘missed opportunity’ in health, says Gates

Malnutrition contributes to almost half of all child deaths globally but receives 1% of foreign aid.

Streets (not) made for walking: How poor urban planning in African cities exacerbates inequality

We’re all aware of the health benefits of walking. But for many of Africa’s urban populations who are forced to walk because of poor development planning, walking is not a leisure activity – it’s an indicator of inequality.

The world’s arms race against superbugs

It’s been almost 40 years since a new class of antibiotics was discovered. Do governments need to incentivise drug companies differently to get them to develop antibiotics to turn the tide against drug-resistant superbugs?
South Africa's Health Minister Aaron Motsoaledi played a leading role in convening government heads at a United Nations meeting this week.

Medical negligence claims threaten NHI

Due to the high costs of litigation medical negligence claims could bankrupt a future NHI, say experts.
Scientists say the current tests designed to detect even very low levels of HIV present in the body are simply not sensitive enough.

KZN traffic officers wrongly conducting HIV tests

KwaZulu-Natal traffic officers have allegedly stopped drivers at the Mooi River Toll plaza on the N3 and forced them to take HIV tests.

From start to finish: Five lessons for making mRNA jabs

The global rise in tuberculosis cases is showing no signs of slowing down. The need for a new vaccine is as urgent as ever, and now a local pharmaceutical company is joining the race to find one. Find out more about the work they did to propel themselves into this position.

Why our obsession with happy endings can lead to bad decisions

There’s more to life than just a happy ending, a new brain imaging experiment shows. It turns out the key to enjoying things is to focus on the overall experience and the journey along the way. Find out more.

London school refuses to confirm former health MEC Qedani Mahlangu is a student

Eleven Gauteng health employees were singled out for censure. Now, only two have been suspended and garnered an alleged R1.3-million in wages.
Experts say the vast sum spent by Sylvia Lucas on unhealthy food is indicative of a big fat problem.

Northern Cape Premier Sylvia Lucas pours salt on the wound

Experts say the vast sum spent by Sylvia Lucas on unhealthy food is indicative of a big fat problem.

Risks & benefits: New HIV drug combo could change the course of SA’s epidemic

South Africa's next chapter in HIV treatment holds amazing promise but unlocking it rests on our ability to have the kind of discussions with women — about risks, about contraception, about their agency — that we, truth be told, haven't been great at. Will this rollout be a chance to get it right finally?