Transmitted by contact with rodent droppings or urine

Seven things you should know about this country’s largest Lassa fever outbreak

Nigeria's latest and largest epidemic has claimed almost 100 lives. Find out more about the virus.
Tomisin Adebanji is about to graduate medical school. What happens next

Motsoaledi to provinces: ‘Fund junior doctor internships, or I might sue you.’

The health minister warns finding the money for junior doctor placements is not voluntary, it's what the law prescribes.
Remembering the dead: Mental health activists protesting outside the Life Esidimeni arbitration hearings in Johannesburg.

Why aren’t government officials losing sleep over #Listeriosis and #LifeEsidimeni?

Both Life Esidimeni and Listeriosis exposed leadership cracks in our public health system. Are political leaders held accountable for their actions?
SA's move to universal healthcare won't spell the end of the private healthcare system

Have questions about the National Health Insurance? We answer them

As Health Minister Aaron Motsoaledi prepares to unveil the National Health Insurance (NHI) Bill today, we tell you what you need to know about.

The sugar tax is working. Now double it

While the world focuses its attention on COVID-19, there is another illness draining the health system’s resources – diabetes. The cost of diabetes-related blindness and kidney failures is being overlooked too, these health advocates say.

If your Twitter timeline is full of mentions of a fabled Madagascar cure for...

Africa Check separates fact from fiction when it comes to the lastest unproven treatment being peddled for the new coronavirus. South African Health Minister Zweli...
Young girls pose with boxes of Marlboro cigarettes.

New smoke signals: Is Big Tobacco using influencers to illegally punt new products?

Could companies’ wooing of social media influencers be just a clever ploy to get around the country’s tobacco advertising ban? Tobacco companies are banned from...

How rape survivors’ long-term risk of HIV infection can lead to heavier sentences for...

A new study shows that female rape survivors are 60% more likely to contract HIV within a year or two after their rape than women who have not been raped.
Advocates for the partial decriminalisation of sex work overlook that the buying of sex in SA is already criminalised and this has not curbed demand

#AIDS2016: Sex workers stuck in a tug of war between science and conservatism

Is the South African Law Commission's recommendation to sentence convicted sex workers to 'diversion programmes' a latest symptom of a country torn?
The new tax could help government reach its target to slash high obesity rates

#Budget2017: A sugar tax can yield a R4bn sweetener for good health

Our obese nation could be slimmed down and help limit chronic diseases such heart attacks, strokes and diabetes.

The science of sequencing: How Africa is preparing for future pandemics

Africa is building up a genomic surveillance network of 12 regional hubs that will help the continent to prepare for future pandemics.
Cyberbullying is on the increase in Gauteng.

Alarming jump in cyberbullying at Gauteng schools

The majority of incidents took place on social networks but there were also a high number of cases that involved text messages.

Nursing SA back to health

The government has set several commendable goals but will have to improve its delivery.
While Mahlangu's status as a student at LSE has not been confirmed

#LifeEsidimeni: Mahlangu’s alleged school confirms no exams scheduled

Meanwhile, the London School of Economics and Political Science says it cannot confirm Qedani Mahlangu is a student.
Research shows that texting and driving could cost you your life.

Survive December on SA’s roads with these four tips

Make sure that you and your family don't end up as statistics of this festive season.

A state of siege: How abusers leverage fear and control

Leaving an abusive relationship is not as easy as walking out the door. Fear of physical or sexual violence are just some reasons people stay.