Shortages of HIV testing kits put lives of raped survivors in danger.

Limpopo HIV testing kit shortage may put rape survivors at risk

Health department admits HIV testing kits ran low, but says kits were reshuffled between facilities and provinces to avoid stock-outs.

Will you lose your medical aid tax credits in 2018?

But if we want everyone to get quality care, something will have to give and it may not be your money, warn experts.

How your medical bills may change under the National Health Insurance

Many private hospitals will be opening their doors to more patients but does that mean you’ll be stuck at the back of the queue?
Dagga grower Ryan Douglas waters plants at Tweed Marijuana Inc in Canada. Earlier this month

Dagga has been legalised. Now, what’s next for medical marijuana?

The Constitutional Court has legalised the personal use of pot. Take a look at the future medical marijuana in this piece from our archives.
How to test for HIV at home

‘I would buy the HIV home test because it’s easier than being disrespected by...

South Africa is one of about three dozen countries that supports HIV self-testing, but will it catch on? Here's what people who live here had to say.
Dragging its feet: South Africa aimed to medically circumcise more than four-million men by 2016. It had reached only about half as many men by 2015.

Wonder where SA’s medically circumcised men are? Now there’s a map for that

When new technology and an old tradition meet, they could help avert more than a million new HIV infections.

Deadly waiting game: Cancer crisis fuels demand for end-of-life care

Health workers brace for an increased need for palliative care as waiting lists grow.
A new study by the South African Medical Research Council reviewed 3952 rape cases. Only 340 ended in a conviction.

[EXCLUSIVE] If you were raped, here are your chances of finding justice

New, never before conducted research reveals the road rape survivors and police walk to justice denied.
Some rape cases reported to the police took two years to get to court.

Rape and (in)justice: 340 guilty verdicts from 3952 cases

A new study shows the dreadful reality of how the criminal justice system is failing victims of this 'priority crime' in SA.
Resilience may help some learners thrive but building it doesn't change the societal factors that led children to need it in the first place

Is there a formula for academic success?

Studies show the odds are stacked against learners from poorer backgrounds, so why do some succeed where others fail?
Could the Presidential Health Summit reveal new developments with regard to the NHI? Find out as we stream live from the meeting.

​Does SA’s private healthcare sector only provide care for 16% of the population?

Health Minister Aaron Motsoaledi's long-touted claim may be misleading, reports Africa Check.

No fetus scan, no abortion. Really?

A draft bill is likely to virtually remove women’s access to safe abortions.

Have provinces really paid outstanding billions to laboratory services?

The national health department says provinces have paid up but the head of lab services denies this.

Who will pay the price for the latest national laboratory strike?

The second industrial action in as many years is likely to stretch into its second week.

National laboratory workers strike after negotiations stall, provinces fail to pay

The nationwide industrial action is expected to last at least until Friday and could affect patients living with conditions such as cancer and HIV.

Unions, laboratory services to hold last-minute negotiations ahead of strike

Unions say they will not accept anything less than 7.3% wage increases.