Deadly waiting game: Cancer crisis fuels demand for end-of-life care

Health workers brace for an increased need for palliative care as waiting lists grow.
A new study by the South African Medical Research Council reviewed 3952 rape cases. Only 340 ended in a conviction.

[EXCLUSIVE] If you were raped, here are your chances of finding justice

New, never before conducted research reveals the road rape survivors and police walk to justice denied.
Some rape cases reported to the police took two years to get to court.

Rape and (in)justice: 340 guilty verdicts from 3952 cases

A new study shows the dreadful reality of how the criminal justice system is failing victims of this 'priority crime' in SA.
Resilience may help some learners thrive but building it doesn't change the societal factors that led children to need it in the first place

Is there a formula for academic success?

Studies show the odds are stacked against learners from poorer backgrounds, so why do some succeed where others fail?
Could the Presidential Health Summit reveal new developments with regard to the NHI? Find out as we stream live from the meeting.

​Does SA’s private healthcare sector only provide care for 16% of the population?

Health Minister Aaron Motsoaledi's long-touted claim may be misleading, reports Africa Check.

No fetus scan, no abortion. Really?

A draft bill is likely to virtually remove women’s access to safe abortions.

Have provinces really paid outstanding billions to laboratory services?

The national health department says provinces have paid up but the head of lab services denies this.

Who will pay the price for the latest national laboratory strike?

The second industrial action in as many years is likely to stretch into its second week.

National laboratory workers strike after negotiations stall, provinces fail to pay

The nationwide industrial action is expected to last at least until Friday and could affect patients living with conditions such as cancer and HIV.

Unions, laboratory services to hold last-minute negotiations ahead of strike

Unions say they will not accept anything less than 7.3% wage increases.
Private sector expertise will be vital in implementing National Health Insurance successfully. Will the sector collaborate with government?

Medical aids may know their fate by 2020 under the National Health Insurance

Government and medical aids may be uncomfortable but necessary bedfellows.
ALEXANDRA, SOUTH AFRICA ñ MAY 22: The crime scene where a metro police officer was shot on May 22, 2013 in Alexandra, South Africa. A metro police officer was shot and wounded by armed men in Alexandra yesterday. (Photo by Gallo Images / Sowetan / Bafana Mahlangu)

Syndicates and devious health professionals may target National Health Insurance

Criminal networks are targeting your medical aid rands but could you be part of the problem too?
Over the past decade

‘After getting pregnant, you are done’: No more school for mums-to-be

This country's president just told public schools to kick out teen mothers, tens of thousands of whom have already lost out on education.

Dozens of gynaecologists are expected to shut down this year. This could stop that.

"We are closer to a solution than we have ever been," says medical body Sasog
SA's move to universal healthcare won't spell the end of the private healthcare system

Have questions about the National Health Insurance? We answer them

As Health Minister Aaron Motsoaledi prepares to unveil the National Health Insurance (NHI) Bill today, we tell you what you need to know about.
Unions are likely to welcome SA's continued commitment to a single-payer system under the NHI

Trade unions: ‘The NHI is not moving fast enough’

Private sector’s role and slow roll out likely to top ANC policy conference delegates’ list of concerns.