Family of dead Gauteng psychiatric patient given the runaround by red tape

Sizwe Hlatshwayo may be the 38th patient to die after being moved from state-funded hospital care. It took almost a month for his family to find out.
Some men need to seek medical help sooner

Erectile dysfunction: What your penis is trying to tell you

Erectile dysfunction can be a sign of a more severe condition.
There is hope that new policy will result in zero initiation deaths.

Chiefs: ‘No initiate will die this season’

Traditional leaders believe new government rules will prevent young men from dying this winter.
The Pretoria high court has dismissed Wouter Basson's review application.

Dr Death’s high court challenge dismissed

Wouter Basson, who headed the apartheid government's secret chemical and biological warfare project, has failed in his challenge against the HPCSA.
Health Minister Aaron Motsoaledi will be met with court cases from the private healthcare sector while dealing with pressure from trade unions to speed up the process.

Motsoaledi strikes back at NHI critics

But the Free Market Foundation maintains the plan will cost the state more than it raises in taxes.
Blind and partially sighted children are deprived of quality education in South Africa.

‘Horrendous’ state of schools for the blind in the spotlight

Civil society bodies are meeting education officials to formulate an urgent response to the shortage of tools and teachers for the visually impaired.
Mindful eating: taking the time to enjoy your meal can help deal with those extra kilos.

Exercise your mind and lose weight

Being conscious of good eating habits goes a long way towards winning the battle of the bulge.

Who will pay the price for the latest national laboratory strike?

The second industrial action in as many years is likely to stretch into its second week.
A new report references Life Esidimeni as an example of what not to do with mental healthcare users.

Health MEC quits as patient death tally almost triples

Almost 100 Gauteng mental health patients died after MEC Qedani Mahlangu's disastrous decision, the health ombud has found.

Government bans ‘unsafe’ baby bottles

A controversial plastic additive is said to affect foetuses and increase the risk of breast cancer.
Nehawu: The South African Medical Association should get a better grip on OSD negotiations and keep its affiliate members.

Nehawu lashes SA Medical Association

Nehawu: The South African Medical Association should get a better grip on OSD negotiations and keep its affiliate members.
A new court case could finally give survivors and law enforcement the tools they need to bring sex offenders to justice even decades after their crimes.

#FrankelCase: Constitutional court rules there’s no expiry date on sexual offenses

A court ruling has lifted the time limit on reporting sexual assault. Prior to the ruling, we asked survivors how such a ruling would impact them.
Although the scheme's white paper was released at an economically uncertain time.

Motsoaledi accused of trying to control private health prices

The director of the Free Market Foundation suggests that an inquiry into private healthcare was deceptively orchestrated by the health minister.

Women who drink alcohol more at risk of getting HIV

Report says alcohol use fuels an already unequal power relationship between men and women, resulting in several negative outcomes.
Because of the complexity of the malaria parasite

Innovation and technology will help to wipe out malaria

With the help of new technologies, global health organisations aim to eliminate malaria in Africa in the next 15 years.

When it comes to organ donation, women may be more likely to give than...

If you’re keen to save a life through donation after you die, speak now or forever hold your peace.