N95 mask

Nurses and doctors: ‘We are forced to reuse masks’

Is it time to start mining… for masks? Why some doctors are getting creative to meet the growing demand for this...
A study on the incidence of child sexual abuse in South Africa reveals the extent of these crimes committed against local youth.

Four things parents can do to keep their kids’ kidneys healthy

In the developed world up to 5% of patients with chronic kidney disease are children. But statistics are harder to come by in the developing world.
Going one day without betanoid can be life theatening - and it's been out of stock nationwide for months.

National cancer drug shortage may last until October

Pharmaceutical companies say that delayed drug registrations by the Medicines Control Council may have played a role in stock outs.

Doctors warned against prescribing unproven medication for COVID-19

It’s available and it’s affordable. But science still doesn’t know enough to back the antimalarial drug chloroquine for widespread use against...
Both overweight and underweight children are considered to be malnourished.

‘Malnutrition: Toddlers are almost as often overweight as they are underweight’

A quarter of the world's overweight children live in Africa, amounting to almost the same number as wasting minors.
Most medical aids won't cover a new

Pregnant? Not on medical aid? You might be footing the bill to bring home...

Women may be paying the price for decades’ old concessions to the medical aid industry.

13 things that will change the way you look at abortion

Everyone’s got an opinion on it but can we say the same about the facts?
By 2030

New medical school slated for Eastern Cape

Another school could be on the cards for the North West province as well.
Junior doctors lives stand still as they wait to be paid after the human resource staff failed to capture their details to the payroll system on time.

How to choose a medical aid plan

Are you thinking of switching medical aid options? If so, read this first.

Could a National Health Insurance Fund be just months away?

The time for talk is over, said Zweli Mkhize in his first budget speech as health minister. But if you thought...
Blessers are a threat to the health of young women.

Money, power & blessers are just half the story

A little extra money in young women's homes can go a long way towards protecting them from HIV infection. So can a little bit of concern.

Bhekisisa wins top features prize at Sikuvile Journalism Awards

Four reporters, one award-winning story. Here’s how we did it. The Bhekisisa Centre for...
Detainees at the Lindela Repatriation Centre. Civil society organisations fear the centre's track record on health and human rights bodes poorly for asylum seeker processing centres slated for the country's borders

Rough welcome: Could South Africa’s new border detention centres turn deadly?

Experts warn that the country’s overburdened asylum system could leave people trapped at ‘processing centres’ for years.
Brown Lekekela's organisation

Vimba! Bhekisisa app helps Diepsloot women and children access help when raped

On the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, Bhekisisa is launching a free gender-based violence helpline in Diepsloot

Government rape counselling services saved just weeks from slated closure

Additional funding has saved government's Thuthuzela Care Centres at the eleventh hour but poorly performing facilities may still close.
Angola desperately needs vaccines for yellow fever.

Yellow fever vaccines diverted to help stem Angolan epidemic

The World Health Organisation says more than 200 people have died there since January and that there is a need to ramp up production of vaccines.