Some men need to seek medical help sooner

Erectile dysfunction: What your penis is trying to tell you

Erectile dysfunction can be a sign of a more severe condition.
Albinos in Malawi are killed for the "gold" in their bones.

Bones of Gold: Report reveals how people with albinism are abducted and killed for...

A report by Amnesty International reveals the horror of living with albinism in Malawi where this population is believed to bring immeasurable wealth.
A study on the incidence of child sexual abuse in South Africa reveals the extent of these crimes committed against local youth.

Four frightening facts about child sexual abuse in South Africa

South Africa's first national study on the incidence of child sexual abuse reports on the extent of crimes committed against local youth.
Opinions are divided over whether e-cigarettes should be regulated more stringently.

The antismoking lobby says e-cigarettes should fall under the same act as ‘normal’ cigarettes

The Electronic-cigarette Association of South Africa has labelled the government's attempts to regulate the devices as a cop-out.
Understanding the prevalence of rape in Diepsloot

SA boys more at risk of sexual abuse than girls – study

One in three South African boys have experienced some form of sexual abuse in their lifetime.
Is vaping a good alternative to smoking?

It makes cents: Smokers who quit have good reason to switch to vaping

Many smokers find quitting impossible, but vaping can reduce tobacco-related harm.
More needs to be done to stop abuse against children.

Childhood in SA is a hard-knock life

Police are inadequately trained and social services too poorly resourced to deal with all of the reported cases of child abuse.
There is hope that new policy will result in zero initiation deaths.

Chiefs: ‘No initiate will die this season’

Traditional leaders believe new government rules will prevent young men from dying this winter.
Pregnant women must be careful of caffeine

Pregnant? Five things to think twice about before taking

Seemingly safe substances like aspirin could harm your unborn baby.
Condoms are common contraceptives used to prevent pregnancies.

The five best contraceptives backed by science

The right choice of contraceptive is crucial. Science can help you to choose one that's right for you.
Children living in poverty do not receive adequate healthcare

SA’s children poor and malnourished

A new report shows that almost two-thirds of South Africa's preschoolers are not getting the health and nutrition they need.
80 out of 1000 women in Africa have unplanned pregnancies.

Women in Africa least likely to use contraception

Only one out of three married women and sexually active teenage girls on the continent use contraception.
Asylum seekers wait to apply for permits at Home Affairs in Marabastad. The Help@Hand app helps refugees and asylum seekers to access services.

Xenophobia: Refugees get an sms service to report abuse

Often sidelined outsiders can now use their cellphones to establish their rights, get answers about general issues and lodge complaints.
Nearly a third of South African children are not vaccinated

Anti-vaxxers alive in South Africa; risking children’s lives

Western anti-immunisation movements have taken root in local communities resulting in some parents refusing to vaccinate their children.
Could the Presidential Health Summit reveal new developments with regard to the NHI? Find out as we stream live from the meeting.

HPCSA axes top officials

The HPCSA has parted ways with its CEO, COO and head of legal services in light of damning findings by a ministerial task team.
The Eastern Cape has the highest reported rate of fetal alcohol spectrum disorder in the world.

Pre-teen drinking in the Eastern Cape carries on to motherhood

One out of every ten Grade 1 learners in some parts of the province have been born with the consequences of their mothers' drinking during pregnancy.