What’s in a pill? Promise, uncertainty, rands, lives & loves … but rights? What...

South Africa will roll out dolutegravir in September, Scientists still don't know if it leads to birth defects but it does know only a woman can choose how much risk is too much.
Health Minister Aaron Motsoaledi will be met with court cases from the private healthcare sector while dealing with pressure from trade unions to speed up the process.

Will the National Health Insurance actually work?

Read what Health Minister Aaron Motsoaledi has up his sleeve for your medical aid.

Expired materials and fly away tents: What researchers found when they looked at HIV...

How good is HIV testing in South Africa? A new report hints the country might be sacrificing quality for quantity as it pushes to meet donor targets.
Most medical aids won't cover a new

Pregnant? Not on medical aid? You might be footing the bill to bring home...

Women may be paying the price for decades’ old concessions to the medical aid industry.
Doctor holds chart

SA doctors, Big Brother could soon be watching

Doctors are less likely to dabble in over treatment when they know their decisions are being scrutinised. Could this help make medical care more affordable?

National Health Insurance: Is this medical aid paving the way to a new era...

The country’s largest closed medical scheme slashed costs of care by 12%. Here’s how they did it. 
Two doses of PrEP before sex and one tablet every day for 48 hours works just as well as everyday use in gay men and other men who have sex with men.

Why two pills before and after sex could help to save you from HIV

Men who have sex with men can now take on-demand pre-exposure prophylaxis, or PrEP, safely.
The man is the second patient to be found dead in a public hospital ceiling in the last three years.

How did an otherwise healthy man with a broken leg end up dead in...

The bizarre case from Durban is at least the second such case nationally in the last three years.
South Africa's Health Minister Aaron Motsoaledi played a leading role in convening government heads at a United Nations meeting this week.

Think you’re going to opt out of the #NHI when it comes? Think again.

In June, the health minister released the long-awaited National Health Insurance Bill. What does it mean to you and your medical aid? We tell you.
‘Counterfeiting has dropped from an estimated 30% of the Nigerian pharma sector to less than 10% today

Would you know if the medicine you’re taking is fake?

Armed with blockchain and artificial intelligence, health workers and campaigners are battling the bogus business that kills thousands.
One country, one healthcare system was a theme at Ramaphosa's summit

The National Health Insurance: Who’s in, who’s out and how much will it cost

The NHI was the centre of this weekend’s presidential health summit. Now the pressure is mounting for Treasury to figure out how to fund it.

‘All of the women in my department have slept with the supervisor. This is...

Women at factories in Lesotho owned by Taiwanese firm say jobs and promotions in jeopardy if they refuse advances, claims new report.
More than 80 countries around the world have used a simple training programme to help nurses and doctors prevent more infant deaths. Could it work in SA?

Thousands of babies die each year in SA. This could help save them

A week. That's how long most newborns who die will make it in South Africa. But there may be hope yet for the country's tiniest patients
Zweli Mkhize

READ: Mkhize’s speech on the National Health Insurance & women

Health Minister Zweli Mkhize spoke at an exclusive Bhekisisa event for editors on 6 August about the National Health Insurance and what it means for reproductive justice.
A campaigner in Nairobi carries a coffin during a protest against the construction of a coal plant in Lamu on Kenya’s coast. (Baz Ratner, Reuters)

Kenya’s first coal plant construction paused in climate victory

Owners failed to assess environmental and community concerns, court rules, while US ambassador wades into debate in support of coal power.
private hospital

You’re paying more for private healthcare and getting less, shows Competition Commission investigation

A lack of competition in the sector isn't just bad for your wallet, it could be bad for your health. Find out what it means for the National Health Insurance in this latest article in our series, "Compass: Charting a course to the NHI".