Zweli Mkhize

READ: Mkhize’s speech on the National Health Insurance & women

Health Minister Zweli Mkhize spoke at an exclusive Bhekisisa event for editors on 6 August about the National Health Insurance and what it means...
An organisation in Mozambique had to close down half of its youth clinics after it lost two-thirds of its funding because it refused to sign onto Trump’s global gag rule policy.

‘Gag Rule will slow down the fight against Aids’

The damage caused by the controversial US policy will only start showing when it’s too late to reverse it, activists and researchers argue.
(Albert Gonzalez Farran

Angola’s yellow fever outbreak: Vaccines desperately needed

Only six out of ten Angolan children have been vaccinated against yellow fever.

Calling all GPs – here’s how to prep your practice for COVID-19

Simple steps you can take to protect your practice and your patients from the coronavirus, from an expert at the National Institute for Communicable...

Streets (not) made for walking: How poor urban planning in African cities exacerbates inequality

We’re all aware of the health benefits of walking. But for many of Africa’s urban populations who are forced to walk because of poor development planning, walking is not a leisure activity – it’s an indicator of inequality.
The Discovery Health Journalism Awards were one of the most competitive yet

Bhekisisa, M&G journalists nab top honours at health awards

Reporters lauded for their work on prison conditions, refugees’ access to health and SA’s road to a sugar tax.

Doctors warned against prescribing unproven medication for COVID-19

It’s available and it’s affordable. But science still doesn’t know enough to back the antimalarial drug chloroquine for widespread use against the new coronavirus....

Vaccine hesitancy could derail efforts to end COVID. Here’s how South Africa could fix...

Vaccine hesitancy is nothing new – people have delayed or refused vaccination since immunisations existed. But vaccine hesitancy poses a significant threat to health efforts – particularly during a pandemic.

One mask to rule them all: This type of cloth mask is better than...

Imagine the layers of your mask as a spider web, catching respiratory droplets as you breathe in and out — but some masks have more efficient webs than others.

To gather or not to gather? How to better promote staying safe during the...

The end of the year is expected to see a lot of people heading home for the holidays, along with a rise of COVID-19 cases. Here’s why the solution for curbing the spread of this coronavirus could lie in harm reduction policies.

Government rape counselling services saved just weeks from slated closure

Additional funding has saved government's Thuthuzela Care Centres at the eleventh hour but poorly performing facilities may still close.
A South African study may have proved to the scientific community that Depo-Provera does not fuel HIV risk. Now

Could your birth control increase your risk of HIV? Science finally has an answer.

But new science doesn't change the fact that women still have too few options when it comes to contraception.

The barcoding gap: Can South Africa protect its COVID jabs from crime?

Full track and traceability of COVID jabs won’t happen during South Africa’s vaccine roll-out, as the health department has not yet adopted the “overarching” system that would make this possible.

Why South Africa isn’t using the AstraZeneca jabs it bought

South Africa’s decision against the AstraZeneca vaccine marked the first time South Africa departed with WHO's advice in its COVID-19 pandemic response.
Clinical associates such as Arthur Setlhapelo can do basic procedures

Dozens of health workers still unemployed as departments scramble for posts

Much is made of alleged shortages in doctors’ posts but clinical associates rarely gets a mention, says professional association.
Medication for drug-resistant tuberculosis can have serious side-effects like deafness and psychosis.

TB drug priced out of reach

A promising new TB drug is now on the market but doctors say it's been priced out of reach.