Streets (not) made for walking: How poor urban planning in African cities exacerbates inequality

We’re all aware of the health benefits of walking. But for many of Africa’s urban populations who are forced to walk because of poor development planning, walking is not a leisure activity – it’s an indicator of inequality.
Congolese health ministry officials bearing the first batch of experimental Ebola vaccine are seen in Kinshasa

The testing ground: Could an experimental vaccine save the DRC from Ebola?

The virus’ resurgence, this time in a city of more than one-million people could set the scene for a fast-spreading disaster.
Budget on wellness: Bill Gates says Africa should invest in high-quality primary healthcare systems.

How can Africa settle its health bill?

Billionaire philanthropist Bill Gates speaks to the Mail & Guardian about Africa's health challenges.
Damage to the Ebola treatment centre in Katwa in February

Conflict and insecurity driving spread of diseases like Ebola, WHO chief warns

Deadly outbreak is ‘global wake-up call’, WHO head Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus says. The head of the World Health Organization (WHO) has called the world’s second worst...

Three for three: Understanding the 3 COVID variants circulating during SA’s third wave

Which variants have been detected in South Africa and how do they differ? Each form of the virus has slight changes and therefore behaves slightly differently and could impact what the epidemic looks like. We break it down.

Is the future of SA’s TB plans locked up in the mysterious minds of...

South Africa’s health facilities aren’t geared up to help teens with TB to complete their treatment. As a result, the preventable, treatable disease was the leading cause of death among adolescents in South Africa between 2008 and 2018.

‘All of the women in my department have slept with the supervisor. This is...

Women at factories in Lesotho owned by Taiwanese firm say jobs and promotions in jeopardy if they refuse advances, claims report Women producing jeans for...

‘Tis the season for a new variant: Your introduction to how quickly Omicron is...

The Omicron variant was identified in South Africa at the end of November and has quickly begun to dominate new infections in the country. Here’s what the data tells us so far about how quickly Omicron spreads — but truly understanding the variant will take more time.
Employees at Messina hospital strike against the actions of their clinical chief executive officer Dr Allick Dube.

Hospital staff dismissed for striking against dodgy doctor

Four Messina Hospital staff members, who are also shop stewards for the union Nehawu, have been dismissed for inciting strike action against a doctor.

Emergency: Stigma and neglect conspire against SA women

Healthworker hostility and a lack of information are denying women access to emergency contraception, locking them into an unintended fate.
The Israeli-made PrePex male circumcision aid is meant to be a safe

Bhekisisa on the cutting edge in Mpumalanga

Mpumalanga-based journalists discovered a new circumcision device, called PrePex, at a Bhekisisa media training event on Monday.
Junior doctors lives stand still as they wait to be paid after the human resource staff failed to capture their details to the payroll system on time.

How to choose a medical aid plan

Are you thinking of switching medical aid options? If so, read this first.
Cutting edge: A story that brought home the horror of botched circumcisions.

Talks on clear-cut solutions to circumcision initiated

Doctors and traditional leaders have begun negotiating to allow doctors to assist with circumcisions to reduce initiation-related deaths and injuries.

‘We’re all mad here’: Gaze through the looking glass a year after SA’s first...

Our journalists have been reporting on COVID-19 (exclusively, almost) for a year. A lot of the time, they’ve felt a bit like Alice in Wonderland. Only the world of COVID reporting isn’t a wonderland – it’s hell.
The report says at least 22 executions took place in five African countries in 2016

Numbers of Africans sentenced to die soars

More than 1 000 Nigerians languish on death row.

Should you really be talking to your 10-year-old child about sex?

By the age of 10, children’s ideas about gender, relationships and violence are largely set in stone.