Sex workers in South Africa struggle to access HIV treatment.

A long road ahead to reduce HIV among South Africa’s sex workers

More than half the female sex workers in South Africa's three largest cities are HIV positive, but less than a third are on antiretroviral treatment.

How prejudice strips people with disabilities of their sexual and reproductive rights

Many people with physical disabilities find it hard to access sexual and reproductive health services — and it’s often the prejudice of those without disabilities that stands in their way.

Nearing the finish line: What do the latest COVID vaccine results mean?

The race for a COVID vaccine has four candidates nearing the finish line — with some getting ready to roll out before the end of the year. But what do the reported efficacy results actually mean and how much will doses cost? We break it down.
Mahlangu's three-day testimony left the families of Life Esidimeni patients in tears to the point that they ultimately staged a walk out.

#LifeEsidimeni: Five of the most unbelievable things Qedani Mahlangu said

Did the former MEC move from playing the blame game to playing the victim?
South Africa’s healthcare system could collapse if the government does not intervene.

Medical aid board says SA has no choice but to back NHI

The industry body says the dwindling number of medical aid members means the government must act.
Could the Presidential Health Summit reveal new developments with regard to the NHI? Find out as we stream live from the meeting.

HPCSA axes top officials

The HPCSA has parted ways with its CEO, COO and head of legal services in light of damning findings by a ministerial task team.