The Gauteng government has three months to pay families affected by the Life Esidimeni tragedy.

#LifeEsidimeni judge: ‘Government violated the Constitution’

The arbitration ruling specifies that both Constitutional and general damages have to be paid.

‘We are not respected like nurses’: Porters, security guards demand more COVID-19 protection

Hospital porters move around facilities to help transport patients from the moment they’re admitted until they’re discharged. Why do they get so little PPE?  Hospital...

What’s it like to get a COVID-19 vaccine? We take you on an inside...

What does the inside of a vaccination centre look like and how do nurses administer the jab that goes into your arm? We show you the vials, syringes and vaccinators — and explain the science behind it.

Gift of the jab: 6 tips for speaking to the unvaxxed

Early polls showed that two-thirds of adults were willing to get a COVID vaccine when it became available. But this hasn’t necessarily translated into actual uptake. Around half of people are on the fence when it comes to getting their jab. Here’s how to get them on board.

No shoes allowed: Why it’s best to go bare indoors

About a third of the dust in your home is carried in on the soles of people’s shoes, and some of it can be bad for people, such as microplastics or poisonous substances like lead. The solution is pretty simple and the science is clear-cut. Leave your shoes outside.

An overlooked workforce: How these mental health paramedics can ease depression & anxiety in...

Millions of South Africans suffer from common mental health illnesses but don’t have access to psychologists or psychiatrists. Registered counsellors are trained to relieve this burden but they’re struggling to find work in the public sector. Here’s why.

#CoronavirusOutbreak: This is a healthcare worker’s best defence against TB. Here’s why it might...

Masks used by South African doctors and nurses are also being used to fend off the coronavirus outbreak. But soaring demand could leave South...
Spanish farm workers

Farmworkers: No gloves, no masks, no water

The Collective of African Workers, a grassroots organisation campaigning for an end to the shanty towns in one of Spain's most important farming regions Migrant...

The 30-day rule: Why you have to wait for a vaccine if you’ve recently...

Scientists know that people who have had COVID still benefit from getting vaccinated with at least one shot of vaccine. But can you get vaccinated while you have COVID?

Bhekisisa wins the 2021 Reconciliation Award for its role in reporting on the COVID...

The Bhekisisa Centre for Health Journalism was awarded the 2021 Reconciliation Award from the Institute for Justice and Reconciliation. This award recognises the work our team has done over the past year to cover the COVID pandemic and the role our organisation has played in advancing healthcare solutions through reporting on health and social justice issues across Africa.

Burn them — Here’s what happens to expired COVID vaccines

Vaccines don’t last forever. When they reach their expiration date, the jabs need to be disposed of in a way that ensures they aren’t retrievable. A waste management company explains how this is done.
public transport Rea Vaya

No water, no room: Containing an outbreak in South Africa

Almost half of South Africans don’t have running water in their homes. Here’s why it’s time to ask them how to control the country’s surge...

After lockdown: Four expert tips for a more sober South Africa

South Africa has a drinking problem but research reveals a few things that could help curb harmful alcohol use in the country. South Africa banned...
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Young or old: Who should get a COVID-19 jab first?

Mathematicians are exploring models to figure out how COVID vaccines should be distributed to have the biggest impact. Should they give it to older...

A hamburger recipe, vaccine science edition

What goes into the scientific hamburger of a COVID vaccine? A lot of trust.