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Trumped: The US takes its controversial stances over abortion to the United Nations. (Shealah Craighead)

SA US face-off over the world’s first declaration on universal healthcare

The United Nations declaration on universal health coverage is signed. But will South Africa's National Health Insurance improve services at home?
Sore point: Chronic migraine sufferer Kerry Barton-Hobbs has experienced migraines for about 50 years; even a handful of strong painkillers each day hasn’t alleviated the problem.

Effective treatment for the queen of brain-pains remains a headache

Migraine hits one in 10 people, resulting not only in pain but costs the world economy billions.
Washable pads could be a simple solution to maintain women's dignity - and keep them in the classroom

#AIDS2016: Protesters disrupt conference demanding free condoms in schools

Over a dozen young people have backed a declaration delivered to the health minister calling for free condoms and sanitary pads in school

No shoes allowed: Why it’s best to go bare indoors

About a third of the dust in your home is carried in on the soles of people’s shoes, and some of it can be bad for people, such as microplastics or poisonous substances like lead. The solution is pretty simple and the science is clear-cut. Leave your shoes outside.

Why COVID jabs will stop new variants in their tracks — if we vaccinate...

SARS-CoV-2 variants are the virus that causes COVID-19’s way of surviving and spreading. The fewer vaccinated people there are, the more chance the virus has to evolve. Here’s where variants come from and how to stop them.
The department of health has confirmed that the Health Professions Council of South Africa and some academic institutions have plans in place to ensure final year medical students graduate as Fees Must Fall protests continue.

#FeesMustFall: Plans in place to ensure Wits medical students graduate

Most of the country’s medical schools say final-year medical students will write exams
Close to one-third

Two-thirds of people think antibiotics can cure the flu

A World Health Organisation survey has revealed that antibiotic resistance has become a global crisis.

Getting COVID after being vaccinated can happen — but it’s rare. Here’s what we...

Vaccines help to reduce the spread of COVID, but they are not without shortcomings. Here’s what they can and can’t do.
The Council for Medical Schemes estimates that fraud

#Budget2018: Cuts to medical aid tax credits begin

Finance Minister Malusi Gigaba didn’t cut state subsidies for private medical aid members outright but your pocket may still feel the pinch
How to prevent HIV with a pill

Tshwane men to get the HIV prevention pill

By June, the health department will know more about how to roll out Truvada nationally to men who have sex with men.
|Applications for 2017 community service and internship positions for medical graduates have just closed but were delayed as provinces scrambled to find money to open posts

Dozens of gynaecologists are expected to shut down this year. This could stop that

"We are closer to a solution than we have ever been," says medical body Sasog
A new study by the South African Medical Research Council reviewed 3952 rape cases. Only 340 ended in a conviction.

[EXCLUSIVE] If you were raped, here are your chances of finding justice

New, never before conducted research reveals the road rape survivors and police walk to justice denied.
Health Minister Aaron Motsoaledi will be met with court cases from the private healthcare sector while dealing with pressure from trade unions to speed up the process.

Motsoaledi strikes back at NHI critics

But the Free Market Foundation maintains the plan will cost the state more than it raises in taxes.
Sex workers in South Africa struggle to access HIV treatment.

A long road ahead to reduce HIV among South Africa’s sex workers

More than half the female sex workers in South Africa's three largest cities are HIV positive, but less than a third are on antiretroviral treatment.
Masks coronavirus

New virus, old wounds: Frontline COVID-19 workers demand better pay

Would you risk your life for R 3 500? These community health workers have been doing just that for years.

Why we can’t afford to leave migrants out of our COVID-19 vaccine roll-out

Excluding refugees, asylum seekers and undocumented people in public health programmes is likely to have far-reaching implications for global COVID vaccination roll-outs.