Diabetes is 'quietly fuelling the spread of tuberculosis' and this 'looming co-epidemic' threatens to undo the gains made in controlling TB over the past decade.

Global response to dual epidemic of TB, diabetes too slow

New research has bad news for millions of South Africans with high blood sugar: they are three times more likely to develop active tuberculosis.
Lives at risk: Police arrested six people in Johannesburg last week for running an illegal abortion clinic.

Obstacles persist for safe, legal termination

The World Health Organisation estimates that one in five pregnancies globally end in induced abortion.
There is evidence to suggest that TB itself is a risk factor for developing diabetes.

Latent TB – the invisible killer

Compromising hopes of containing the disease, latent TB remains dormant for life for most people.
Preliminary figures from Unicef estimate that more than 3 700 children in the three countries hardest hit by the outbreak have lost one or both parents to Ebola since March.

Rise in number of Ebola orphans

Restrictions hit the movement of a million or more Sierra Leone citizens living in five districts worst affected by the disease.
Jasper Hoon.

Health professionals smacked on the wrist

Patient Jasper Hoon is critical about the low maximum sanction the council can administer on doctors who provide insufficient care.
Motsoaledi: What the NHI will mean for you - and your tax credits

Motsoaledi reveals ‘progressive’ HIV treatment plans

New treatment schedules for pregnant women and other patients are set to bring South Africa in line with the World Health Organisation’s guidelines.
Taking "microbreaks" and sitting properly can reduce the effects of muscular imbalances.

Workers’ warning – slouching can reduce mental performance

Learning how to sit properly and taking "microbreaks" is vital when it comes to avoiding muscular imbalances.
The Constitutional Court called the order by the high court to dismiss this case unwarranted.

High court ordered to hear Down’s case

A court has ruled that a mother, representing her child, can now apply to claim damages for alleged negligent prenatal misdiagnosis of her child.
In order to prevent the spread of the Ebola virus to South Africa

Ebola: SA bans travel to and from high risk countries

The government has banned travel between South Africa and 'high risk' countries to prevent the spread of the deadly Ebola virus to the country.
French scientists have singled out a mechanism that spontaneously 'cured' two people of HIV

HIV treatment needs a shift in thinking – researchers

Experts say more focus on early treatment rather than waiting for CD4 counts will dramatically reduce viral replication and new infections.
Health Minister Aaron Motsoaledi.

Motsoaledi spotlights Bhekisisa in health budget speech

Health Minister Aaron Motsoaledi has highlighted the coverage of the M&G's new health journalism centre, Bhekisisa, in his budget vote speech.
A child at a clinic in Bamako. The country’s child mortality rate is among the highest in the world.

This president is putting his money where his mouth is when it comes to...

Mali joins the ranks of countries such as Sierra Leone, South Africa & Burkina Faso to provide free healthcare to moms and tots.

These six countries are likely to go to war for water in 2020

A new tool developed by scientists may be able to predict the countries most likely to see conflict sparked by water scarcity.
Bar scene Burst

Will Ramaphosa announce an end to South Africa’s national alcohol ban today?

If South Africa lifts its national alcohol ban, it could result in an additional 5 000 trauma admissions each week, warn experts in a new, unpublished study seen by Bhekisisa.

For children, COVID-19 quarantine may be ‘an absolute nightmare’

Home is where the heart is — it’s also important to young children’s sense of identity — but what happens when a state quarantine facility has to become their home away from home?

Put a label on it — or not. How to get South Africans to...

Europe tried putting clearer labels on food to get people eating healthier. But the same approach won’t work in South Africa. Here’s how to get people away from processed food and find healthier, affordable alternatives.