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Dihlabeng Regional Hospital in the Free State.

Report finds Free State health services ‘ineffective’

A commission of inquiry into the the Free State's healthcare has found that the province's lack of services endanger the lives of vulnerable people.
Motsoaledi: What the NHI will mean for you - and your tax credits

Motsoaledi finds HPCSA in state of ‘dysfunction’

A task team set up by Health Minister Aaron Motsoaledi has found the HPCSA has failed to function effectively.
There is evidence to suggest that TB itself is a risk factor for developing diabetes.

Diabetics at risk of TB (and vice versa)

A report notes that TB rates sky-rocketed in the 1990s fuelled by the HIV epidemic, and warns of a similar situation with diabetes-related TB.
Bank on this: A doctor stores breast milk at the human milk bank in Lima.

Give and take: When the profit motive clouds milk donation

Breast milk may well be an elixir for premature babies. But this ‘white gold’ can be hard to find.
An estimated 6.8 million people in South Africa are HIV positive.

SA makes major strides in HIV treatment and prevention

The latest health barometer suggests mother-to-child transmissions and maternal mortalities are decreasing among other significant improvements made.
If the percentage of overweight people continues to rise at its current rate

Obese outnumber undernourished

There are almost two and a half times more overweight people than undernourished, with almost 30% of the global population weighing too much.
Brown Lekekela's organisation

Support flows in for rape centre

Diepsloot’s Green Door, a help service for victims of sexual violence, gets a boost, writes Mia Malan.
Ebola has resurfaced in Guinea and is thought to have spread back to Liberia.

China to build 100 hospitals and clinics in Africa

Chinese and African health ministers have adopted a declaration to increase access to facilities, medication, health workers and training in Africa.
Only 19 of the Eastern Cape’s working ambulances have 4x4 capabilities.

Rural Eastern Cape ‘critically under-resourced’

Patients in the Eastern Cape's rural areas could wait up to 29 hours for an ambulance, according to an SAHRC report released on Thursday.
We are looking for a health news editor to join the team as we expand our reporting into Africa. Applications close on October 30.

Bhekisisa gets a boost into Africa

The M&G's health centre reaps a Gates foundation reward for making a difference.
Health Minister Aaron Motsoaledi will announce his decision about when and how to implement the new ARV guidelines before the end of March

HIV-infected South Africans on ARVs could double

New World Health Organisation guidelines recommend anyone infected with HIV is put on ARVs, regardless of their CD4 count.
Taking "microbreaks" and sitting properly can reduce the effects of muscular imbalances.

Workers’ warning – slouching can reduce mental performance

Learning how to sit properly and taking "microbreaks" is vital when it comes to avoiding muscular imbalances.
Reportedly up to 80% of women infected with HPV don’t develop cancer with their “immune systems clearing it out naturally”.

Cervical cancer’s deadly contradiction

Despite cervical cancer being the most preventable form of cancer, it is afflicting more South African women than any other kind.
Some lawyers literally raid schools for the disabled

Child mortality drops but still high

According to a Unicef report, South Africa has reduced its child mortality rate from 60 deaths per every 1 000 live births in 1990 to 41 in 2015.
Sore point: Chronic migraine sufferer Kerry Barton-Hobbs has experienced migraines for about 50 years; even a handful of strong painkillers each day hasn’t alleviated the problem.

Effective treatment for the queen of brain-pains remains a headache

Migraine hits one in 10 people, resulting not only in pain but costs the world economy billions.
The Auditor General’s report to Parliament

Council for medical schemes contravened treasury regulations – AG

The AG's report has found that the Council for Medical Schemes failed to comply with laws governing the financial management of public entities.