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Podcast: What does HPV mean for my sex life?

Me and My is our new podcast series for young women. In our first episode we explore what HPV means for you and your sex life: When should you get your Pap smear and how often? Can you still get vaccinated against HPV as an adult?
You can't treat what you can't count: No one knows how many people inject drugs in east and southern Africa.video

Why injecting a drug user’s blood into yourself will give you HIV instead of...

The 'bluetoothing' myth recently took the media by storm. We explain why it's all risk and no high.

Could R40 a month buy this community its own ambulances? Here’s why it might

The Eastern Cape just slashed the number of ambulances on its roads by almost half, people are hoping R40 a month...

[WATCH] In Marikana’s shadow, sexual violence is no stranger. Meet the men taking a...

In Marikana, distance from clinics prevents victims from getting medical assistance. But this all-male crew are bridging the gaps.

[WATCH] #Aids2020 study: Dolutegravir doesn’t pose a higher risk for birth defects. Here’s why.

Dolutegravir is part of a three-in-one pill, and unlike other ARVs, can be taken on an empty stomach. Previously, it was thought to hold a risk of birth defects to babies when mothers with HIV fell pregnant while using the drug or used it during the early stages of pregnancy.
Behind the tragic stories we covervideo

Behind the tragic stories we cover

Ever wondered how journalists report on such horrific stories? Ina Skosana explains the process.
Close to deathvideo

Close to death, but ‘no medication for foreigners’

Many refugees flee their own war-torn countries to find safety in South Africa. But the country is not the safe haven they think it will be.
[LISTEN] Health MEC: '#LifeEsidimeni families' voices were muffled’

[LISTEN] Health MEC: ‘#LifeEsidimeni families’ voices were muffled’

New Gauteng health MEC Gwen Ramokgopa speaks about the Life Esidimeni tragedy that claimed the lives of at least 94 mental health patients.

[Watch it again] South Africa’s Basic Education Minister’s briefing on reopening schools

Basic Education Minister, Angie Motshekga, briefed the South African media and public on when South Africa would be ready to reopen...
A 10-year investigation finally fingers Southern African ARV thieves

A 10-year investigation finally fingers Southern African ARV thieves

In the late 2000s, a trio of businessmen smuggled expired ARVs from Africa into Europe and sold them at a 4 000% markup. This is why it's news now.
Sangoma: Why I take ARVsvideo

Sangoma: Why I take ARVs

Prudence Mabele, a sangoma and one of the founding members of the TAC, is adamant that ARVs are imperative to the survival of HIV positive people.
How to spot an illegal abortionvideo

How to spot an illegal abortion

Here are three ways to tell whether or not you might be going for an abortion at an illegitimate practitioner.
Think people should have access to abortion services? Help us make it happenvideo

Think people should have access to abortion services? Help us make it happen

Sign up to be part of our survey team and help us check who is providing safe, legal abortions
Non-lung TB

Non-lung TB, the silent killer

TB is not only found in the lungs. You can get TB anywhere in your body, but it is very difficult to diagnose.
Why some people may not be over the moon about menstrual cupsvideo

Why some people may not be over the moon about menstrual cups

Moon cups, reusable pads and period panties are all alternatives to disposable pads and tampons, but they may not work for everyone.
command council coronavirus

New lockdown laws: Informal food traders will open, COVID-19 close contacts traced with cellphones

Plus, if you're going to a funeral, you can move between provinces with your close family members. No, you still...