[WATCH] How much is the sugar tax on a can of Coke?

Soft drink manufacturers in SA have been paying a “sugar tax” since 2018 to encourage them to decrease how much sugar goes into their drinks. We show you how to calculate the sugar tax paid on a can of Coke in this short video.

[WATCH] E-motive: An acronym that can save 22 000 lives every year

A new study from hospitals in South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria and Tanzania shows the number of women who die because of bleeding after vaginal birth can be slashed by more than half. Watch this video to find out how.

[WATCH] How to diagnose & treat cholera: A guide for health workers

Health workers, this is your cheat sheet to detecting and treating #cholera in your patients. Watch this video for the details.

[WATCH] How two women are changing the way trans women are treated

How would you feel if you visit a clinic because you’re sick, but the doctor or nurse who helps you, laughs at you, rather than treats you? That’s the kind of treatment Luyanda Mzimela and Viyonce Mabena frequently get. Our TV team paid them a visit.

Health Beat #8 | ‘They looked at me like I’m an animal’: Why discrimination...

When health workers discriminate against people with a higher chance of getting HIV, the virus spreads like wildfire because such groups become less likely to use health facilities. Our Health Beat team asked transgender people about the service they get at government clinics and the health department about what happens to a doctor or nurse who refuses to help patients.

[WATCH] How does cholera spread?

Cholera is caused by bacteria that normally comes from the faeces of an infected person. Here’s how you can protect yourself.

Health Beat #7 | Weight loss drugs may work — but won’t end obesity...

Losing weight is hard. For many people, diets and exercise don't work in the long term. Genetics can also play a role in people’s body weight (and their ability to lose it). In this month’s episode of our television show, Health Beat, we speak to two people who've used the weight loss drug, semaglutide.

#TeamBhekisisa | Meet Bhekisisa’s most camera-shy team member

Spend a day with Dylan Bush, Bhekisisa’s production and multimedia manager, and see what it takes to keep things running smoothly behind the scenes.

[WATCH] The anatomy of a tackle: How changing rugby laws could protect players

With plans to lower the tackle height in rugby around the world, why is the governing body for rugby considering it? Put simply, the lower the height, the lower the risk of head injury. Watch for more.

#TeamBhekisisa | Science made simple: Here’s what content editor Linda Pretorius does

Through asking critical questions, our content editor, Linda Pretorius, works with our reporters and writers to interpret study results and unpack them in easy-to-understand language. She loves putting science into easy words, and helping policymakers, researchers and reporters to do the same. Here’s how she works.

By the numbers: What load shedding does to your mental health

Three in four employed people surveyed by the South African Depression and Anxiety Group (Sadag) said their bosses expected them to do the same amount of work despite consistent power cuts. Many feared that continued load shedding will lead to job losses and derail attempts to turn around the country’s struggling economy. Mia Malan speaks to Sadag’s Cassey Chambers for Bhekisisa’s monthly TV programme, Health Beat.

[LISTEN] The world’s biggest HIV & TB programme has a new goal: Happiness

What do researchers, experts and policymakers think of South Africa’s new five-year action plan for HIV, TB and STIs?

#TeamBhekisisa | Meet Mohale Moloi, Bhekisisa’s multimedia reporter and producer

From scouring science journals to social media, Mohale Moloi does whatever it takes to find a great story. Here’s how a typical day goes for Bhekisisa’s Health Beat producer.

[WATCH] How does Ozempic work?

Ozempic contains a synthetic version of a hormone our bodies create. It is used to treat diabetes but also reduces the appetite of people who use the drug. Watch this for more.
Farmer Bayanda Maseko opens up about his mental health.

‘It’s every man for himself’: Why this farmer says he needs mental health help

Bayanda Maseko lost 2 000 chickens and more than R100 000 he invested in his farm in 2022, all because of loadshedding. Maseko says psychological support is needed in an industry where “it's every man for himself”. He speaks about the impact of these losses on his mental health in the March episode of Bhekisisa’s television show Health Beat.

#TeamBhekisisa | Colours and cameras: This is how multimedia reporter Yolanda gets the job...

As a multimedia reporter, our Yolanda Mdzeke spends a lot of time behind the scenes. She’s often staring at a screen. Watch this video to find out how she gets the job done.