School of hard knocks: These children go to class in an open field

These Western Cape parents say there's no space for their children in nearby schools. Now they've been forced to come up with their own solution with no help from government.

[WATCH] A dummy’s guide to COVID vaccine approvals

South Africa’s medicine regulator is working to approve COVID-19 vaccines quickly, but the process won’t skip any important steps.

[ICYMI] ‘The virus is adapting to us’: New COVID variant spreads 50% faster,...

Scientists explained the make-up of a new COVID variant, 501V.2, and its potential impact on South Africa's COVID-19 response, during a health department briefing...

[ICYMI] South Africa to remain under level 3 lockdown, with some changes

President Cyril Ramaphosa will address the nation at 8 pm on Monday on developments in relation to the country’s response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Our bodies are not your crime scene: A portrait of GBV in South Africa

In August, a march to the Langa police station to address dismissal and obstruction of gender-based violence cases ended with protestors being shot at and arrested. But this issue is not unique to Langa. Less than one in 10 rape cases receive a guilty verdict in South Africa. In our latest partnership with Eh!Woza, these survivors share their stories.

‘We are the problem.’ Why these men are taking a stronger stand against gender-based...

Addressing sexual and gender-based violence in communities means undoing years of harmful messaging around masculinity. Find out how these men are trying to bring solutions to the table, in our latest partnership with Eh!Woza.

[WATCH] HIV and mental health: The impact of lifelong medication, stigma and discrimination

In this webinar, we bring you the experiences of three people with HIV who have worked their way through stigma, the side-effects of antiretroviral treatment and living with a chronic condition.

‘We fight over water’: Go inside this Mpumalanga community’s ongoing struggle to access basic...

Residents of Masakhane in eMalahleni have never had running water. Instead they have to use buckets and wheelbarrows to carry water from one of the 33 JoJo tanks in the area. But these tanks are not filled regularly, leaving community members to wonder when they’ll next have access to this basic service.

The new tests on the block: South Africa adds a new COVID test to...

Increasing the amount of testing for COVID-19 is the best way to see how widespread the outbreak is. South Africa recently approved its third kind of coronavirus test — an antigen test. But how does it work and what sets it apart from the others on offer?

eThembeni residents living in excrement: ‘We are citizens too’

It's been over two months since a sewage pipe burst, leaving people living in this area to face serious health hazards. But the City of Cape Town is unwilling to assist.

#TeamBhekisisa: Research, science, and stories — here’s what goes into being a health reporter...

Go behind the scenes of what becoming a health reporter during COVID-19 looks like with Aisha Abdool Karim.

Inside Qandu-Qandu: How people in this Khayelitsha settlement are trying to find a place...

After two years, the residents in this settlement are still struggling to access basic services. The almost 5 000 houses in this area do not have access to running water or electricity and have at least 38 people sharing a toilet.

#TeamBhekisisa: Research, data, spreadsheets & coffee — a day in the life of our...

How do you think about, measure and communicate impact as a donor-funded newsroom? — It’s all part of a day’s work for our impact and engagement officer. Meet our Gopolang Makou.

[Watch it again] Moral injury & mental health: What COVID doctors can learn from...

In this webinar, Bhekisisa editor, Mia Malan, is in conversation with an Eastern Cape COVID doctor, HIV physician and a psychiatrist about the mental health challenges epidemics pose to health workers.

[ICYMI] South Africa moves down to level 1 — with restrictions

South Africa will most probably move down to lockdown level 1 tonight. Watch President Cyril Ramaphosa live.

Antibody testing 101: Unpacking the what, where and how

Antibody tests are different to the PCR tests we've been using until now. But should you go for one? Watch this video to find out.