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#HowWeWork: Tea, research and narrative features — these are a few of Joan van...

Our Joan van Dyk explains what a day in the life of a health journalist looks like.
How to use a before-and-after-sex pill to protect you from HIV - if you’re a gay manvideo

How to use a before-and-after-sex pill to protect you from HIV – if you’re...

Men who have sex with men can now take PrEP before and after sex and be protected from HIV. Here's how it works.

[PODCAST] X marks the spot: Mapping our way to better health

A small private healthcare clinic on a farm in Delmas is paving the way for better patient care using new data...

[VIDEO] Paw patrol: These pooches are helping put child abusers behind bars

For child victims of sexual abuse, testifying in court can be scary and traumatic. Turns out, our furry friends may be able to help. Watch this video and find out more.

[VIDEO] Why spanking your children is bad for them

Think spanking your kid is harmless and plan on ignoring last month's Constitutional Court ruling banning corporal punishment at home? You...
By the end of this week

Did the apartheid government inject black people with HIV? We look to science.

This month, the New African boasts a shocking headline: "We deliberately spread Aids in South Africa." Could that be true?
[LISTEN] You bank your money each month

[LISTEN] You bank your money each month, so why not bank your breast milk?

We always tell moms breast is best but sometimes milk doesn't come when babies do. This breast milk bank is filling in these gaps.
[PODCAST] Each one teach one: Doctors

[PODCAST] Old rites, new ways: How traditional healers were able to diagnose more patients...

Medical doctors and traditional healers often struggle to trust each other. But in this rural KZN community they learned how to work together.

[PODCAST] The art of telling stories that empower readers

In 2016, Bhekisisa started to do solutions journalism. But what is it? "Think Sherlock Holmes or Agatha Christie," David Bornstein...
Uncut: Female genital mutilation in Somalilandvideo

Uncut: Female genital mutilation in Somaliland

Women in Somaliland speak out about their experiences of female genital mutilation. One NGO that is working to eliminate this horrific practice.
Precarious politicking: What the law says about foreigners and healthcare in SAvideo

Precarious politicking: What the law says about foreigners and healthcare in SA

Did you know that anyone hailing from SADC has the right to be treated just like a South African?

Smoking vs vaping: Which one is worse?

Is vaping really safer than smoking? Take a look at what we really know about the recent craze some say could...

[WATCH] In Marikana’s shadow, sexual violence is no stranger. Meet the men taking a...

In Marikana, distance from clinics prevents victims from getting medical assistance. But this all-male crew are bridging the gaps.

#HowWeWork: Dylan Bush. The one Bhekisisa team member who might finally be ready for...

Meet the person who is usually behind the camera rather than in front of it and find out what it takes...
Heroin withdrawals: Could this drug be the answer?video

Heroin withdrawals: Could this drug be the answer?

Programmes letting people swap illegal highs for medications are popping up all over the country. Here’s how they work.

[WATCH LIVE] Bhekisisa editor-in-chief talks donor-funded journalism at Oxford University

Watch as Mia Malan presents a public lecture entitled, "Healing words: Innovations in health reporting" at the world-renowned Reuters Institute for...