[WATCH] COVID-19: When 25 people are sharing a toilet

How do you practice social distancing when you live in a one room house with ten other people?

Here’s how an abortion works from week 13

Abortions can be done using two methods. One is called a medical abortion and the other is surgical, which involves a small procedure. When a pregnancy is past 12 weeks only doctors are allowed to do it. We speak to Marie Stopes SA about how a surgical abortion works and what you can expect.

[WATCH] Will the NHI be accountable?

Watch as the health department and South African Medical Research Council bring policymakers, researchers and scientists together to talk about the nuts and bolts of implementing the National Health Insurance, including financing and accountability.

Baking your way to better: The ABCs of block therapy in the Eastern Cape

With a pinch of salt and a dash of love, these stroke patients are getting better with the help of cake ingredients.

#TeamBhekisisa: One person’s ‘news editor’ is another’s ‘poltergeist’

Find out how our news editor Joan van Dyk decides what our articles should add to the news cycle.

[WATCH] Will COVID-19 make people with HIV sicker than others?

As the numbers of those infected with COVID-19 continue to rise in South Africa, we look at what this could mean for those with HIV.
#AIDS2016: Thousands march to demand sufficient global funding and treatment for all

Health Beat | Should future Aids conferences only happen in the Global South? (Episode...

Researchers have found that 96% of global health conferences happen in high- or middle-income countries. Less than four in 10 attendees at these gatherings are from poorer nations that have the highest burden of disease.

[WATCH] Why TB and HIV deaths may increase during COVID-19

What will happen to HIV and TB under COVID-19? Our editor-in-chief Mia Malan spoke to an excellent panel to answer this question.
Non-lung TB

What can TB learn from HIV?

How HIV experts may be able to help crack the code and find SA's missing TB patients.
Clean break: One street beggar's story of triumph in post-Ebola Sierra Leone

Clean break: One street beggar’s story of triumph in post-Ebola Sierra Leone

At the peak of the Ebola crisis, the government in Sierra Leone implemented a national lockdown. One man used this time to upskill himself.

[WATCH] Four differences between PCR and antibody tests

By the end of April, South Africa has to test twelve times more people per day than it currently does. That’s why we’re looking at introducing rapid antibody tests.
Phindi on dating

[WATCH] Phindi on dating, sex and being born with HIV

Youth delegate at the world Aids conference Phindile Sithole-Spong talks about reclaiming her sexuality after learning she was born with HIV.
How to prevent HIV with a pill

Health Hub | Why is J&J moving at a snail’s pace with our vaccine...

We speak to MSF on why J&J is so slow to deliver SA's vaccines and we also discuss the HIV prevention pill with Linda-Gail Bekker and Yogan Pillay.

[WATCH] Inside Qandu-Qandu: How people in this Khayelitsha settlement are trying to find a...

After two years, the residents in this settlement are still struggling to access basic services. The almost 5 000 houses in this area do not have access to running water or electricity and have at least 38 people sharing a toilet.
Deconstructing science: What journalists want

Deconstructing science: What journalists want

Health journalist, Amy Green, headed to Nairobi to sit on a panel that judged how scientists communicate their ideas to the media and the world.
[WATCH] Busted: Three myths about drug addiction

[WATCH] Busted: Three myths about drug addiction

If you think shutting down needle exchange programmes will keep your city free of contaminated needles, think again.