Stories from post-Ebola Sierra Leone: The baby is oursvideo

Stories from post-Ebola Sierra Leone: The baby is ours

Many families faced financial hardship during the outbreak. Some men took advantage of young girls, offering support in return for sex.
Alex coronavirus screening

South Africa confirms almost 1 400 coronavirus cases as country launches mobile testing

As South Africa's coronavirus lockdown enters its second week, the country will start testing for the new virus in communities. The...

Antibody testing 101: Unpacking the what, where and how

Antibody tests are different to the PCR tests we've been using until now. But should you go for one? Watch this video to find out.
Victims of superstition: The dangers of living with albinism in Africavideo

Victims of superstition: The dangers of living with albinism in Africa

People with albinism in Malawi face kidnapping and mutilation because of misguided beliefs that they can bring wealth.

Beaten, shot and homeless: Here’s what COVID evictions look like

During South Africa’s national COVID-19 lockdown, there have been a string of evictions by the City of Cape Town. A recent judgement ruled that the city is not allowed to evict people or demolish their homes without a court order. But for some, it’s already too late.

Four differences between PCR and antibody tests

By the end of April, South Africa has to test twelve times more people per day than it currently does. That’s why we’re looking at introducing rapid antibody tests.
E-cigarettes: Gimmick or healthier choice?video

E-cigarettes: Gimmick or healthier choice?

E-cigarettes are taking SA by storm, but are they really better than tobacco products? Michelle Solomon talks about her vaping experience.
Toeing the line: The children at the Johannesburg Autism School need an organised and constant schedule at school to provide them with a stablevideo

How to tell if your child has autism

What do you do if you suspect your child has autism? We answer these and other questions about the disorder.

[ICYMI] South Africa moves down to level 1 — with restrictions

South Africa will most probably move down to lockdown level 1 tonight. Watch President Cyril Ramaphosa live.
Uncut: Female genital mutilation in Somalilandvideo

Uncut: Female genital mutilation in Somaliland

Women in Somaliland speak out about their experiences of female genital mutilation. One NGO that is working to eliminate this horrific practice.

WATCH NOW: National COVID-19 taskforce briefs nation on status of the coronavirus lockdown

As day one of the country's 21-day lockdown draws to a close, ministers are expected to outline the state of the...

[Watch it again] South Africa’s Basic Education Minister’s briefing on reopening schools

Basic Education Minister, Angie Motshekga, briefed the South African media and public on when South Africa would be ready to reopen...
Premier David Makhura

Gauteng homeless to shelter at schools during lockdown, school holidays may be scrapped

With more than 300 confirmed cases of the new coronavirus, Gauteng continues to be the epicentre of the country's outbreak. Find...
Is it dangerous to test yourself for HIV?video

Is it dangerous to test yourself for HIV?

Two years of HIV self-testing in Malawi have shown no cases of suicide, intimate partner violence or self-harm.

Inside Qandu-Qandu: How people in this Khayelitsha settlement are trying to find a place...

After two years, the residents in this settlement are still struggling to access basic services. The almost 5 000 houses in this area do not have access to running water or electricity and have at least 38 people sharing a toilet.
Close to deathvideo

Close to death, but ‘no medication for foreigners’

Many refugees flee their own war-torn countries to find safety in South Africa. But the country is not the safe haven they think it will be.