[WATCH] Who will pay for the NHI — will it work like your medical...

Just like your medical scheme, the National Health Insurance scheme will buy health services on your behalf. But in new ways.

A letter to my HIV: ‘Because of you …’

It took her parents, it changed the way she saw herself at times, it reaffirmed her purpose in life … then she wrote her HIV a letter. Now, she’s ready to share it with the world.

[WATCH] #Aids2020 study: Dolutegravir doesn’t pose a higher risk for birth defects. Here’s why

Dolutegravir is part of a three-in-one pill, and unlike other ARVs, can be taken on an empty stomach. Previously, it was thought to hold a risk of birth defects to babies when mothers with HIV fell pregnant while using the drug or used it during the early stages of pregnancy.

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Watch live as activists, officials and experts tell you what you need to know about South Africas new blockbuster HIV drug.

[WATCH] Health Minister Zweli Mkhize talks NHI

Watch the second and final day of the health department and South African Medical Research Council's dialogue as policymakers, researchers and scientists discuss the way forward for the implementation of the country's National Health Insurance scheme.

[WATCH] Will the NHI be accountable?

Watch as the health department and South African Medical Research Council bring policymakers, researchers and scientists together to talk about the nuts and bolts of implementing the National Health Insurance, including financing and accountability.

Smoking vs vaping: Which one is worse?

Is vaping really safer than smoking? Take a look at what we really know about the recent craze some say could help you quit smoking — and what’s behind the recent spate of vaping deaths abroad.

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In Marikana, distance from clinics prevents victims from getting medical assistance. But this all-male crew are bridging the gaps.

[VIDEO] Paw patrol: These pooches are helping put child abusers behind bars

For child victims of sexual abuse, testifying in court can be scary and traumatic. Turns out, our furry friends may be able to help. Watch this video and find out more.

[VIDEO] Why spanking your children is bad for them

Think spanking your kid is harmless and plan on ignoring last month’s Constitutional Court ruling banning corporal punishment at home? You may want to watch this video.

[ICYMI] Competition Commission releases its final report on the high cost of private healthcare

After more than four years, the Competition Commission presents its final report on its investigation into the high cost of private healthcare.

Are there really HIV drugs in nyaope?

We did a little digging and asked the questions you really want to know: Like can HIV medication really get you high? And just how likely is it that these drugs are being cut with the street drug.

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Getting busy on Grindr? You might want to think about the little pill that could protect you from HIV infection.

[ICYMI] Zweli Mkhize unveils the National Health Insurance Bill

WATCH LIVE: Zweli Mkhize unveils the National Health Insurance Bill.
|Zweli Mkhize GCIS

[WATCH] Zweli Mkhize presents the health budget and the National Health Insurance Bill

Health Minister Zweli Mkhize introduces the National Health Insurance Bill, which will create a central healthcare fund overseen by his office.

Pills for bills: Now you can get your medication at an ATM near you

South Africa has become the first country in the world to introduce ATM-like machines that dispense medicine instead of money. more: These ATMs have...