[VIDEO] Fancy pharmaceuticals? Your guide to the newest COVID treatments

South Africa’s medical regulator is currently reviewing applications for an oral COVID treatment called molnupiravir. The tablet can reduce people’s chances of falling very ill or dying from the disease. Here’s how it works.

#TeamBhekisisa: Research, data, spreadsheets & coffee — a day in the life of our...

How do you think about, measure and communicate impact as a donor-funded newsroom? — It’s all part of a day’s work for our impact and engagement officer. Meet our Gopolang Makou.

[Watch] Three myths about vasectomies busted

Myths and stigma linked to vasectomies often stop men from using the procedure to prevent pregnancy. This video unpacks these myths and why they’re false.
Cyril Ramaphosa lockdown coronavirus

Ramaphosa: COVID-19 lockdown regulations to ease on 1 May but it’s not business as...

South African President, Cyril Ramaphosa, addresses the nation on the measures to be taken to re-open the country and move beyond the nation-wide lockdown.

Here’s how an abortion works from week 13

Abortions can be done using two methods. One is called a medical abortion and the other is surgical, which involves a small procedure. When a pregnancy is past 12 weeks only doctors are allowed to do it. We speak to Marie Stopes SA about how a surgical abortion works and what you can expect.

The booze ban is back: How many hospital beds will it save?

Some South Africans are making a lot of noise about the ban on alcohol sales during the country's COVID-19 response. So why did the country go dry? Take a look at the numbers behind the decision.

Fast four: Your questions about COVID jabs & pregnancy answered

Pregnant people are more likely to fall very ill with COVID-19 than those who are not pregnant. This is why experts recommend pregnant people get vaccinated. We answer four questions about how the jabs work during and after pregnancy.
Giving deaf babies the gift of language

Giving deaf babies the gift of language

Amy Green speaks to Carla Zille, a deaf mentor at Hi Hopes, about the importance of early intervention for the development of language in children.

Should doctors prescribe chloroquine to COVID-19 patients?

With information about the new coronavirus spreading faster than the virus itself, you may be hearing a lot about chloroquine as a treatment. We give you the facts.
E-cigarettes: Gimmick or healthier choice?

E-cigarettes: Gimmick or healthier choice?

E-cigarettes are taking SA by storm, but are they really better than tobacco products? Michelle Solomon talks about her vaping experience.

[WATCH] How to get mental health support – for half the price of a...

Registered counsellors can provide short-term talk therapy including trauma and grief counselling. Here’s where you can find these health workers.

Soap, space & sanitiser: 6 ways to protect yourself from the new coronavirus

South Africa has just confirmed its seventh case of the new coronavirus. Here's what you can do to protect yourself.

[WATCH] Health Minister Zweli Mkhize talks NHI

Watch the second and final day of the health department and South African Medical Research Council's dialogue as policymakers, researchers and scientists discuss the way forward for the implementation of the country's National Health Insurance scheme.
Mobile tech: A malaria-fighting secret weapon for Africa?

Mobile tech: A malaria-fighting secret weapon for Africa?

Is mobile technology the malaria-fighting secret weapon Africa’s been waiting for?

[WATCH] Mix & match: How to pick a booster vaccine

Do you know which COVID vaccine you’re going to pick as your booster dose? Here’s a handy guide to the latest research on the mix and match approach.