Six COVID-19 myths debunked

With misinformation about the new coronavirus spreading like wildfire, we separate fact from fiction so you can stay informed.
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New lockdown laws: Informal food traders will open, COVID-19 close contacts traced with cellphones

Plus, if you're going to a funeral, you can move between provinces with your close family members. No, you still...
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South Africa confirms almost 1 400 coronavirus cases as country launches mobile testing

As South Africa's coronavirus lockdown enters its second week, the country will start testing for the new virus in communities. The...
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Coronavirus cases top 1 300 as country heads towards massive screening campaign

President Cyril Ramaphosa will today, Monday, 30 March 2020, address the nation on the measures currently being undertaken to contain the...
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Will COVID-19 make people with HIV sicker than others?

As the numbers of those infected with COVID-19 continue to rise in South Africa, we look at what this could mean for those with HIV.

WATCH NOW: National COVID-19 taskforce briefs nation on status of the coronavirus lockdown

As day one of the country's 21-day lockdown draws to a close, ministers are expected to outline the state of the...
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‘Do not violate the rights of our people’: Ramaphosa tells army ahead of lockdown

At midnight tonight, South Africa will become the latest country across the world to institute a national lockdown to control the...
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Gauteng homeless to shelter at schools during lockdown, school holidays may be scrapped

With more than 300 confirmed cases of the new coronavirus, Gauteng continues to be the epicentre of the country's outbreak. Find...

Why preventing TB could be as easy as 1, 2, 3HP

In April, South Africa is expected to roll out a new and easier way to prevent the leading cause of natural death in the country to four districts. Find out what you need to know.
South African President Cyril Ramaphosa

Ramaphosa announces 21-day national lockdown to stem coronavirus outbreak

Addressing the nation, President Cyril Ramaphosa announces a far-reaching economic package to safeguard livelihoods during the lockdown as the country looks to...

South Africa’s coronavirus outbreak: How it spreads and what to do about it

More than 100 cases of the new virus have been reported in South Africa. Find out what you can expect — and how to protect you and your family.

Soap, space & sanitiser: 6 ways to protect yourself from the new coronavirus

South Africa has just confirmed its seventh case of the new coronavirus. Here's what you can do to protect yourself.

Baking your way to better: The ABCs of block therapy in the Eastern Cape

With a pinch of salt and a dash of love, these stroke patients are getting better with the help of cake ingredients.

Could R40 a month buy this community its own ambulances? Here’s why it might

The Eastern Cape just slashed the number of ambulances on its roads by almost half, people are hoping R40 a month...

The fierce & fearless glow up: ‘Screw it, I’m going to wear heels and...

Growing up wasn’t easy for Miss Jasmine Rose Juicy, a transgender woman from the Eastern Cape. But nothing could stand in...

Inside South Africa’s quest for an HIV vaccine in under two minutes

The Uhambo vaccine trial may be over but South Africa’s search for a jab that could prevent HIV globally isn’t.