The Zika link: Small heads and brains

The Zika link: Small heads and brains

The causal link between Zika and foetal abnormalities has been confirmed.

Inside South Africa’s quest for an HIV vaccine in under two minutes

The Uhambo vaccine trial may be over but South Africa’s search for a jab that could prevent HIV globally isn’t.

ICYMI: Campuses remain closed, grades 7 and 12 back to school on 1 June

Minister of Basic Education, Angie Motshekga and Minister of Higher Education and Training, Science and Innovation, Blade Nzimande give an update on how and when schools will start reopening.

Antibody testing 101: Unpacking the what, where and how

Antibody tests are different to the PCR tests we've been using until now. But should you go for one? Watch this video to find out.

WATCH: Zweli Mkhize presents the health budget and the National Health Insurance Bill

Mkhize's inaugural budget speech is expected to focus on the National Health Insurance Bill. The legislation, approved by Cabinet, is expected...

eThembeni residents living in excrement: ‘We are citizens too’

It's been over two months since a sewage pipe burst, leaving people living in this area to face serious health hazards. But the City of Cape Town is unwilling to assist.

‘Why do you want to be a woman when you are not’: Love, acceptance...

In a world where transgender people face stigma and discrimination every day, these clinics are trying to make their lives easier.
Stories from post-Ebola Sierra Leone: The baby is ours

Stories from post-Ebola Sierra Leone: The baby is ours

Many families faced financial hardship during the outbreak. Some men took advantage of young girls, offering support in return for sex.
There's more to gender than 'men' & 'women'. Here's

There’s more to gender than ‘men’ & ‘women’. Here’s why.

Cisgender, transgender, non-binary. What does it all mean? We give you the low down.
[WATCH] What is compelled rape?

[WATCH] What is compelled rape?

Sonke Gender Justice's Ariane Nevin explains the difference between rape and compelled rape and how the law treats it.

Tap, fire, PrEP: Check out the little blue pill that’s been missing from your...

Getting busy on Grindr? You might want to think about the little pill that could protect you from HIV infection.

#TeamBhekisisa: Dylan Bush. The one Bhekisisa team member who might finally be ready for...

Meet the person who is usually behind the camera rather than in front of it and find out what it takes...

‘There is one toilet for eight COVID doctors and this is also used by...

Bhekisisa asked 29 doctors and nurses about their fears, access to protective gear and whether they’ve been tested for COVID-19

A letter to my HIV: ‘Because of you…’

It took her parents, it changed the way she saw herself at times, it reaffirmed her purpose in life ... then...
Clean break: One street beggar's story of triumph in post-Ebola Sierra Leone

Clean break: One street beggar’s story of triumph in post-Ebola Sierra Leone

At the peak of the Ebola crisis, the government in Sierra Leone implemented a national lockdown. One man used this time to upskill himself.
Study: How and where you're most likely to get raped

Study: How and where you’re most likely to get raped

A recently released study on rape reveals that children are generally raped on weekday afternoons, but adults over weekends. Our Mia Malan explains.