#TeamBhekisisa | Colours and cameras: This is how multimedia reporter Yolanda gets the job...

As a multimedia reporter, our Yolanda Mdzeke spends a lot of time behind the scenes. She’s often staring at a screen. Watch this video to find out how she gets the job done.

Health Beat #6 | ‘Suddenly you become anxious and angry’: How loadshedding impacts mental...

There have been 422 days of rolling black-outs since 2020 and it’s taken a toll on South Africans’ mental health. A survey by the South African Depression and Anxiety Group reveals that people are dealing with anxiety, more family conflict and thoughts of self death.

#TeamBhekisisa: One person’s ‘news editor’ is another’s ‘poltergeist’

Find out how our news editor Joan van Dyk decides what our articles should add to the news cycle.

#TeamBhekisisa: A day in our office with health reporter Nicole Ludolph

Like most people, Nicole Ludolph starts her day off by scrolling through social media. Then, she gets to work. Have a look at how she navigates the world of health journalism.

Safe, not seedy: How sex work changed after two decades of decrim in New...

In South Africa, 70% of female sex workers in a countrywide survey conducted in 2019 said they’d experienced violence from clients in the previous year. Find out how things change when sex work isn’t illegal from workers in New Zealand.

#BhekisisaDiaries: What vasectomy research says about sex, myths and manhood

There are two birth control options for men in South Africa – condoms and vasectomies. Men have a good grip of how condoms work but less so when it comes to the 15-minute snip. Stigma, myths and misconceptions are all part of what our reporter Mohale Moloi hopes to challenge with his reproductive health reporting.

[WATCH] ‘I’m not a dog, I’ve got my rights’: These sex workers won’t see...

South Africa’s justice department is reviewing submissions from activists, academics and civil society on an amendment Bill that, if approved, will mean sex work is no longer a crime. But will the police stop harassing sex workers if it is passed?

Job rights, better healthcare and taxes: What life could look like for SA sex...

The justice department is currently reviewing comments from activists, academics and civil society on a proposed new law to decriminalise sex work. They will then ask the cabinet to take it to parliament before it can become law. Mia Malan interviews Deputy Justice Minister, John Jeffery, and United Nations special rapporteur on the right to health, Tlaleng Mofokeng, about what's next for sex workers.

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How does Jesse Copelyn decide on the topics of his articles? Find out here.

Health Beat #5 | ‘We’ve lost many sisters’: Why SA sex workers’ lives could...

South Africa’s justice department plans to scrap old laws that make it a crime to sell or buy sex. This could make life safer for workers because they should be able to report crimes to the police — in theory.

[WATCH] How did South Africa’s illicit tobacco trade get so bad?

Independent research shows 54% of cigarettes sold in South Africa are illegal, which means the taxman is losing revenue, and the country’s anti-smoking plans are becoming less effective. Watch this to find out why.

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Bhekisisa’s programme manager Rosaline Daniel works behind the scenes to make sure the office runs smoothly. Get to know her better.

[WATCH] How does testosterone treatment help transgender men?

Testosterone treatment can help ease psychological distress for transgender men because it results in changes that make them feel more at home in their bodies, such as a beard and a deeper voice.

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Health reporter Christina Pitt takes us through an average day in the Bhekisisa newsroom.

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Go behind the scenes with two of Bhekisisa’s most seasoned reporters as they explain what it’s like to cover some of South Africa’s most harrowing stories.

[WATCH] How to keep people on HIV treatment during a flood

What happens when there’s a natural disaster, like a flood, and people living with HIV aren’t able to take their chronic medication? Watch to find out what can be done to make sure their treatment isn’t interrupted.