#BhekisisaDiaries: How GBV creeps into any South African news story

Go behind the scenes with two of Bhekisisa’s most seasoned reporters as they explain what it’s like to cover some of South Africa’s most harrowing stories.

[WATCH] How to keep people on HIV treatment during a flood

What happens when there’s a natural disaster, like a flood, and people living with HIV aren’t able to take their chronic medication? Watch to find out what can be done to make sure their treatment isn’t interrupted.

#TeamBhekisisa: Spend a day in health reporter Zano Kunene’s shoes

Meet Zano Kunene, one of our health reporters. Here’s a short glimpse into what he gets up to on a daily basis and how he comes up with ideas for his stories.

[WATCH] Starry nights over city lights: Why this doctor wants to work in rural...

Doctor Thulani Ngwenya has no plans to leave his job at Bethesda Hospital near Ubombo in rural KwaZulu-Natal for a post in a city....

Health Beat #4 | Can the NHI fix SA’s rural doctor dilemma?

Doctors trained specifically to work in rural areas are struggling to find work in far-flung areas because provincial health departments don’t have the money to pay them. Find out what could change this in this episode of Health Beat.

[WATCH] ‘I’m a warrior’: How the anti-HIV injection empowers young women

An anti-HIV injection called CAB-LA has just been approved by South Africa’s medicines regulator, and the health department says it could be in clinics by August 2023 — but only if the price is right. In Cape Town, more than 200 women have been using the two-monthly jab as part of a study. We spoke to three of them.

[Watch it again] New pills, new rules: What’s next for ARVs?

In this webinar, a panel of world-class experts discussed what South Africa's updated guidelines for how we use ARVs may look like.

Health Beat #3 | Meet the first SA women to get the anti-HIV jab

South Africa saw 200 000 new HIV infections in 2021, according to UNAids. A new injection called CAB-LA could be a game changer. It works better than a daily pill to prevent HIV infection — and only has to be taken once every two months.

How government plans to make medical negligence cheaper

Medical negligence claims have skyrocketed, making the health department responsible for R120-billion in payouts.Government is trying to reduce its liability by introducing the structured...

[Watch] Three myths about vasectomies busted

Myths and stigma linked to vasectomies often stop men from using the procedure to prevent pregnancy. This video unpacks these myths and why they’re false.

[WATCH] How do puberty blockers work? 4 questions answered

People with gender dysphoria are more anxious and depressed than those who don’t have this body discomfort. But that changes once people start gender-affirming treatment. Find out more here.

[WATCH] How to get mental health support – for half the price of a...

Registered counsellors can provide short-term talk therapy including trauma and grief counselling. Here’s where you can find these health workers.

What does lead poisoning do to your kid’s brain?

Children who are exposed to the toxic heavy metal, lead, are more likely to commit violent crime and to get lower scores on intelligence tests as adults. But experts and industry groups say the government isn’t doing enough to manage lead.

[WATCH] How we know that stricter gun laws work

In Colombia, researchers found that when two large cities made it illegal to carry a gun in public, the murder rate in those places dropped when compared to cities in that country that didn’t implement the ban.

[WATCH] How to keep teenagers on TB treatment

TB was the leading cause of death for teenagers between 2008 and 2018 in South Africa. Find out why and what we can do to make treatment more accessible to them in this short video.

[WATCH] How to stop South Africa’s codeine problem

More teens are showing up at drug treatment centres to kick a codeine habit. Some codeine products such as Stilpane are available over the counter without a prescription, so what can be done to prevent abuse? Find out in this video.