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Non-lung TB

World: Stop turning your back on TB

The disease kills more than a million people a year but the world's response to it is totally inadequate.
Helen Zille has the right to her opinion

If HIV denialists have not been pardoned, why should the DA excuse Helen Zille?

Aids has taught South Africans why denialism can't be tolerated – whether it comes from Thabo Mbeki or Helen Zille.
Meet the Cupid female condom.

Did government waste R127-million on a condom no one wanted?

Activists warn new data shows government may have invested millions into the wrong female condom and may be on the verge of doing it again.
(Jessica Bordeau)

Why medical aids are putting the price of a safe delivery on some women’s...

When medical schemes and the law count conceiving as a pre-existing condition, pregnant women lose.

Africa’s COVID-19 coronavirus research must be tailored to its realities – by its own...

Trust is essential in the pandemic and scientists here can set the priorities that make the most sense for our people. COMMENT Research to find a...
Donald Trump deleted reproductive justice from the historic UN declaration on universal healthcare.

Border walls don’t stop viruses. But this might

Both the United States and South Africa have punted increased border security as a way to curb the coronavirus outbreak. Here's why South Africa...
Junior doctors lives stand still as they wait to be paid after the human resource staff failed to capture their details to the payroll system on time.

Doctors must be taught how to be better counsellors on lifestyle choices

People who smoke and drink too much, don’t exercise and eat unhealthily are likely to suffer from non-communicable diseases, such as heart disease.
Coronavirus screening

Four reasons to be hopeful about South Africa’s coronavirus testing plan

In a grim news cycle, Health Minister Zweli Mkhize’s announcement yesterday that the country is evaluating rapid tests for the new coronavirus is something...

The facts beat the quacks: Our #COVID19SA vs. our #HIV response

Reporting on Covid-19 and HIV in South Africa is like night and day, Mia Malan, who has reported on both epidemics, writes. Comment  It’s...
Helen Zille has the right to her opinion

If HIV denialists don’t deserve a platform, why should Helen Zille?

Journalism does not begin or end with free speech, we have an ethical obligation not to give platform for abhorrent views in the name of free speech.
Man holds three silver condoms.

The business of love: Why condom factories and job creation could go hand-in-hand

Every year, the continent falls 3-billion condoms short of what it needs. Could investing in condom factories be the answer — and create jobs...
The 2013 Control of Marketing of Alcohol Beverages Bill of 2013 has not been made public for no apparent reason

Is this the Bill the alcohol industry doesn’t want you to see?

South Africa is one of the hardest drinking countries in the world, but legislation to stop it been under wraps for over five years.
What started as a bizarre press release touting a "potential HIV cure" has gone viral leading media houses all over the world to lash out over firm Zion Medical's latest claims.

South Africa on the cusp of HIV vaccine breakthrough

Recently the first participants in the HVTN 702 study received jabs of a vaccine that could stop HIV in its tracks

Can China prevent its next epidemic?

The country has launched an unprecedented response to the country's latest outbreak but its real heroism in dealing with this latest coronavirus will depend...

South Africa may not have enough doctors to fight COVID-19. But we could be...

The United Kingdom is taking immediate steps to bring newly graduated and foreign-trained doctors into the health system as cases of the new coronavirus...
More than 876-million school-age children are at risk of becoming infected with potentially sight-stealing parasites.

A sight for sore eyes: Teachers test pupils’ eyes to keep them in school

Children need more than books to flourish at school. De-worming may be one of the most cost-effective ways to increase school participation in Africa.