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The Bhekisisa Centre for Health Journalism is based in Johannesburg, South Africa.
Bhekisisa is one of only a few media outlets in the Global South specialising in solutions-based narrative features and analysis. We not only uncover problems but also critically evaluate the solutions meant to fix them. It’s an approach we also take with our opinion pieces.

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Body politics: The invisible women of global HIV response

In sub-Saharan Africa, four out of five new infections among adolescents are among girls. But when it comes to the global HIV response, African women and girls are rarely at the fore and the international community often treats the phrase “African” as if it referred to some homogenous community.
South Africa legalised abortion decades ago but a lack of information on where to get one and health workers willing to terminate pregnancies still stand between people and safe abortions.

Medical conscientious objectors who scupper abortions deny women their rights

Conscientious objectors who refuse to perform abortions or related services for moral reasons may have become a law unto themselves.

The joke’s on us, South Africa. The cruel logic of Omicron travel bans –...

Wealthy nations were quick to ban southern African nations from entering their borders when the Omicron variant was identified – but not against each other. Unfortunately, this type of discrimination is nothing new.
Does going for "the snip" lead to risk disinhibition in men?

Medical male circumcision offers a gateway to HIV testing and medical check-ups

Circumcision can prevent thousands of HIV infections by 2030 at a relatively low cost, but the uptake has been slower than expected.

Could the debate over South Africa’s temporary alcohol sales ban have a subtext you’re...

No, South Africa's alcohol ban wasn't the only thing that helped lower hospital trauma admissions recently, but it did play a substantial role.

What if you could report gender-based violence at … your local supermarket?

In the time of COVID-19, social distancing measures can make it harder to report and screen for gender-based violence (SGBV). In South Africa, we've taken chronic medication pick up out of clinics, maybe it's time to time to do the same for the reporting of SGBV.

What the field of psychology owes Black patients

Psychological research has mostly focused on white people. New research shows, however, that mental health support works better when it’s adapted to suit people’s cultural context.
Yumna Moosa says senior doctors threatened her and all the health professions council did was ask what she did to deserve it.

A cautionary tale to young doctors looking to take on medicine’s culture of abuse

In 2016, Yumna Moosa took to social media to rally young doctors against medicine's culture of bullying. Now, she's not sure she'd do it again.
Where are the black experts? The few we have in the health sector are rarely quoted in the media.

Black experts in the health sector: Where are they?

It's not right that only black voices in health stories are those patients. Black medical researchers must also be heard in the media space.
HIV prevention needs to be targeted at women to ensure reduced infection rates.

#AIDS2016: New science may put the power to prevent HIV in women’s hands

Being able to take a pill discreetly, as women have done with contraceptives since the 1950s, is an HIV prevention revolution.
The gold industry is appealing the decision to compensate mineworkers for damages sustained due to silicosis acquired on the mines.

Gold industry’s appeal in miners’ silicosis class action is shameful

Widows and children stand to inherit damage claims from the mining industry, but their decision to appeal doesn't bode well.
community healthcare workers

The ups and downs of community healthcare

Often medical help comes too late for people in rural areas but community health workers could change this

The forgotten form of TB that can carry on forever

Just like with COVID, there’s a long version of TB, called post-TB lung disease. This condition can emerge even after people with TB have finished their courses of treatment.

Why many South African mothers give up breastfeeding their babies so soon

The long-term benefits of breastfeeding for children’s development led to recommendations for its exclusive adoption in infants. But for some mothers, it isn’t a feasible option.
Far cry: African countries have more than their fair share of healthcare issues.

Africa-China alliance can only benefit healthcare

China has reduced childhood deaths and illness from diseases that were once widespread.
African drumming can help treat people with depression and other mental illnesses.

African drumming: New rhythm in therapy

Drumming therapy can help to reduce anger and tension and increase a sense of wellbeing.