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Birth control: Which one's best for you?

Could your favourite birth control put you at risk of HIV?

A Cape Town study could finally provide the answer to whether there is a link between the shot and HIV infection risk.

TB: This pee test could save your life

What if diagnosing South Africa’s deadliest disease was as simple as taking a drug store pregnancy test? That day might be...
Over-treatment of malaria can lead to an unnecessary waste of antimalarial medication.

Why over-treating malaria in Africa is a problem, and how it can be stopped

Malaria medication is being accidentally wasted on other conditions.
Rustenburg MSF driver Lebogang Seketema

Have wheels, will travel: The all-male crews who are taking on sexual violence one...

Floods, fires and war — for decades, first responders have been using this mental health hack to help people after disasters...
Mbeki was ousted as president in 2008

Snub Mbeki like he did Nkosi

About 35 000 babies could have been born without HIV had the president listened to the boy.
What to ask politicians as a mother

It’s time to get tough on crime… in our maternity wards?

Women – many of them mothers – constitute more than half of the population. What should moms think of before casting their vote?
A recent survey says that Kenyans and Ugandans must start eating healthily to avoid getting sick from lifestyle diseases.

Kenyans and Ugandans need to change their ways to arrest lifestyle diseases

Two surveys paint a shocking picture of how East Africans are exposing themselves to the mounting risks of non-communicable diseases.

What did this former Sars official know about Big Tobacco’s dodgy dealings?

State capture was a godsend for tobacco dealers, writes former Sars official Johann van Loggerenberg in his latest book, which may...
Promising Ebola vaccines languished for years in research and development for more than a decade without funding.

Money can’t be the only motive for developing life-saving medicines

Will the world act now to be ready for the next big outbreak?

Why we should be making our own COVID medicines, vaccines and supplies

There's been an unequal scramble for COVID-19 vaccines, test kits and medicines that can shorten recovery periods. Wealthy countries have already...
HIV is spreading faster among teenage girls and young women than in any other group in South Africa.

#AIDS2016: Youth will lead the way to an Aids-free generation – Ramaphosa

​Education and opportunity are key to stemming the tide of HIV in South Africa's young women.
The Bhekisisa team

It’s official: Bhekisisa is going solo

Today, we set out on our own after calling the Mail & Guardian home for more than half a decade.
Mediators could stem the tide of medico-legal litigation in SA but doing so will mean spreading the word about the alternative to litigation.

Mediation could ease SA’s medico-legal woes but it’s no quick fix

South Africa is now home to more than 90 trained medical mediators, but there’s not much work to go around - yet.
South Africa has largely led the world in the quest to create an effective and discreet  HIV prevention method that could revolutionise power dynamics in the bedroom – and protect those most vulnerable to infection.

In the future, a simple ring could protect you from HIV and unwanted pregnancies

A vaginal ring could one day offer women dual protection against HIV infection and unwanted pregnancies. Unless this happens.

Health or human rights? False dichotomy could fuel a resurgence in forced HIV testing

More than three decades ago, HIV activists fought against mandatory testing. Now an old battle is finding new life.

The preventable trauma of COVID childbirth

A new global investigation has documented, in at least 45 countries, “shocking” and “unnecessary” breaches of laws and World Health Organisation...