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The Sayana Press allows women to inject themselves with the hormonal contraception Depo-Provera

Why taking back the power starts with you and your vagina

Want to advocate for your uterus? Here are six ways you can do it.

South Africa can’t get enough COVID-19 testing supplies. Here’s why we should be making...

A global shortage of the chemicals needed to test for the new coronavirus is crippling South Africa’s COVID-19 testing campaign and...

TB: This pee test could save your life

What if diagnosing South Africa’s deadliest disease was as simple as taking a drug store pregnancy test? That day might be...
Thermal screening

The dubious value of fever screening: Why measuring for surface temperature won’t help curb...

Apart from being unreliable, fever screening can create a false sense of security and pose an infection risk to thermometer operators.

How wearing a mask can slash COVID-19 deaths

The more people wear masks, the safer everyone will be, shows this modelling study.
Drumming therapy can help to reduce anger and tension and increase a sense of wellbeing.

African rhythms heal around the globe

Nicola Plastow looks at some of the settings in which African drumming has been used to improve mental health.
pregnancy crisis centre

How US anti-abortion groups are funding South Africa’s ‘pregnancy crisis centres’

In 2018, Bhekisisa revealed how the University of Pretoria student clinic was referring women to anti-abortion "pregnancy crisis centres". Now, a global...
Read an excerpt from Helena Dolny's book on death

How a better death starts long before we’re dying

When one man was on his deathbed, his family knew how he wanted to die and could respect that.
Former miner Masiko Somi and his wife Magumede are part of the class action suit that looks to hold the gold mining industry accountable for its impacts on workers' health.

Court case could force gold industry to pay out miners’ daughters and wives

A high court has ruled that compensation to women who have to take care of sick miners could ease the gendered harms imposed by the industry.

Could the debate over South Africa’s temporary alcohol sales ban have a subtext you’re...

No, South Africa's alcohol ban wasn't the only thing that helped lower hospital trauma admissions recently, but it did play a...
Coronavirus screening

Four reasons to be hopeful about South Africa’s coronavirus testing plan

In a grim news cycle, Health Minister Zweli Mkhize’s announcement yesterday that the country is evaluating rapid tests for the new...
No man’s land: People gather behind a barbed wire fence in a temporary settlement on the Myanmar border. When governments fail, aid organisations step in. But who should they report to? (Ye Aung Thu, AFP)

The price of aid: Who is watching whom?

When governments fail and health systems falter, aid agencies take over. But who holds them accountable?

If you were a girl: Men, this is what you need to understand about...

The body swap is an old Hollywood trope: Boy meets girl, boy swaps bodies with girl, boy has an epiphany about love,...
If a pregnant woman does not have the right nutrition

It pays to invest in poor girls and women – the returns are greater

Rwanda has shown that improved nutrition lifts individuals, families, communities and economies.

Can you be convicted of attempted murder if you expose someone to the new...

The virus at the centre of South Africa’s coronavirus outbreak may be new, but the idea that criminalising a disease can...
By the end of this week

How do we reduce new HIV infections by 60% in a mere three and...

Today, SA boasts the world's largest HIV treatment programme, but 3.2-million people who need ARVs still aren't on them. Here’s how to fix that.