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Although the scheme's white paper was released at an economically uncertain time.

NHI a healthy dose to cure South Africa’s sickly system

Although the scheme's white paper was released at an economically uncertain time, it brings possibilities to those in need.

‘How COVID has affected my mental health as a doctor’

During epidemics doctors face moral dilemmas forcing them to make decisions against their conscience — such as having to follow treatment guidelines designed...
Research shows that drug-resistant TB accounts for a quarter of the 10-million deaths that might be associated with antimicrobial resistance by 2020.

This kills more than 700 of us each day. Now, the UN wants to...

In a historic first, the UN just held a high-level meeting on TB. There was one on lifestyle diseases too. But did these sittings achieve anything?

COVID-19 has increased hunger in SA. So what works best to improve access to...

South Africa’s expansion of social grants during lockdown was a good move — new evidence shows such cash transfers are effective in reducing food insecurity. But the country may need more of these and may also have to increase their amounts.
Mark Heywood's

Memoirs of an activist: ‘The real heroes of the HIV struggle are still unknown’

In a new book, Mark Heywood reflects on love, justice and haunting lessons from the past.
African drumming can help treat people with depression and other mental illnesses.

African drumming: New rhythm in therapy

Drumming therapy can help to reduce anger and tension and increase a sense of wellbeing.
Where will newly qualified doctors go if provinces are being told to scale back staff under budget pressures?

Hundreds of medical graduates may be unemployed amid budget cuts

More than 200 newly qualified doctors may be left with worthless degrees if provinces can't raise funds for internship positions
Pneumonia kills more than 1.3-million children a year. But with this vaccine two out of every three children under five are immunised against pneumonia.

When it comes to vaccines, there really is safety in numbers. Here’s why

Turns out it takes a village to raise a child but also to protect them.
People queue in makeshift camps following past threats of xenophobic attacks in South Africa. Today

Are foreigners really entitled to free healthcare in South Africa?

Recent national and Gauteng memos demanding all foreign patients pay in full for services likely fell foul of the law.
In many countries

Forced sterilisations rob African women of more than just motherhood

The ability to bear children continues to decide many women's social standing and inheritance.

Employed vs. unemployed: Who is more likely to test HIV positive?

You’re far more likely to be offered an HIV test at a government health facility than at your GP or workplace clinic. Here’s why...
After Malema adopted a healthy lifestyle and shed extra pounds

EFF’s Julius Malema loses extra kilos and the fat cats jeer

Speculation swirled around Malema after he dropped extra kilos, showing dangerous associations between being thin and being sick still plague Africa.
Coronavirus screening

Four reasons to be hopeful about South Africa’s coronavirus testing plan

In a grim news cycle, Health Minister Zweli Mkhize’s announcement yesterday that the country is evaluating rapid tests for the new coronavirus is something...
Protestors from the One in Nine Campaign stage a demonstration. Constitutional Court judge Zak Yacoob said in 2014 that he ‘believed the Zuma trial was not about finding the truth" but about story telling.

Khwezi speaks: ‘I did not do it to win. I was just fighting for...

In a new book, Redi Tlhabi reveals the woman behind the pseudonym and the price she paid for pursuing justice after accusing Jacob Zuma of rape.
Yumna Moosa says senior doctors threatened her and all the health professions council did was ask what she did to deserve it.

A cautionary tale to young doctors looking to take on medicine’s culture of abuse

In 2016, Yumna Moosa took to social media to rally young doctors against medicine's culture of bullying. Now, she's not sure she'd do it again.
Why you shouldn't be ashamed of your period

Why treasury won’t support a fall in the tampon tax

Pontsho Pilane recently presented a proposal to Parliament to introduce free pads for poor people who menstruate. Here’s what she learned.