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GMO babies: Inside the bad science that sent a Chinese scientist to prison.

He Jiankui’s failed gene-edited baby experiment proves we're not ready for human embryo modification.
The LAM urine test allows doctors to diagnose a seriously ill HIV patient with tuberculosis in just 25 minutes. No special laboratories or technicians are required to administer the test

In epidemics, our health facilities can become hotspots. Here’s what to do about it.

Two epidemics, two diseases, 200 kilometres and almost 20 years apart. Find out what they have in common.

The facts beat the quacks: Our #Covid19SA vs. our #HIV response

Reporting on Covid-19 and HIV in South Africa is like night and day, Mia Malan, who has reported on both epidemics,...

If we invested in this today, South Africa could save billions — and fight...

Community healthcare workers have become what some have called our “heroes on the ground” during COVID-19. By keeping more people healthier...
Ebola healthcare worker protective gear

The world finally has an Ebola vaccine. This is why it’s not enough

The World Health Organisation prequalified Merck's vaccine for widespread use in November but regulatory hoops are just a small part of...

How wearing a mask can slash COVID-19 deaths

The more people wear masks, the safer everyone will be, shows this modelling study.
Donald Trump deleted reproductive justice from the historic UN declaration on universal healthcare.

Border walls don’t stop viruses. But this might

Both the United States and South Africa have punted increased border security as a way to curb the coronavirus outbreak. Here's...

Past, present and future: What should be shaping Africa’s COVID-19 response

The World Health Organisation estimates that Africa will need up to 25-million respirators monthly. We must ensure that essential medical supplies...
community healthcare workers

Confused about the NHI? One of SA’s leading health economists breaks it down for...

Think you know what the National Health Insurance is all about? Diane McIntyre is one of South Africa's leading health economists...

COVID-19 is killing private medical practices. Here’s how to save them

As cases of COVID-19 mount, people are steering clear of clinics and doctors are forced to postpone surgeries to free up beds. If something isn’t done now, there’s slim chance private doctors will have the ability to volunteer for the national response because their jobs — and those of their staff – won’t survive the pandemic.
Coronavirus screening

Four reasons to be hopeful about South Africa’s coronavirus testing plan

In a grim news cycle, Health Minister Zweli Mkhize’s announcement yesterday that the country is evaluating rapid tests for the new...