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South Africa's Health Minister Aaron Motsoaledi played a leading role in convening government heads at a United Nations meeting this week.

How South Africa convinced the world to take TB seriously

Heads of state discussed one of the world's biggest killers in New York this week — and it was Aaron Motsoaledi who got them together.
Despite a strong HIV programme response

#AIDS2016: HIV is a social issue and requires a new tack to end the...

The government needs to spend much more on nonmedical interventions, and that comes down to changing the way people interact.
Better prevention strategies are helping to stem the tide of HIV.

From medical circumcision to vaccines, these seven things will change HIV

We know more than ever about how to prevent HIV infection, including what may someday lead to the world's first HIV vaccine.
Jacob Zuma's political leadership on HIV and Aids is inconsistent.

​#AIDS2016: When last did you hear South African President Jacob Zuma say, ‘HIV’?

The country's political commitment to the fight against HIV cannot be judged solely by the accomplishments of a few government departments.
HIV is spreading faster among teenage girls and young women than in any other group in South Africa.

#AIDS2016: Youth will lead the way to an Aids-free generation – Ramaphosa

​Education and opportunity are key to stemming the tide of HIV in South Africa's young women.
One country, one healthcare system was a theme at Ramaphosa's summit

#AIDS2016: Health Minister Aaron Motsoaledi admits that ‘key leaders were in denial’

South African health minister calls AIDS denialism an 'unlucky' moment for a country that has since become a leader in HIV treatment, prevention.
Wearing their iconic "HIV positive" t-shirts

#AIDS2016: ‘Never again must the political meddling of a few derail progress’

The International Aids Conference returns after 16 years to a very different South Africa, but the battle against HIV is not yet over.
HIV prevention needs to be targeted at women to ensure reduced infection rates.

#AIDS2016: New science may put the power to prevent HIV in women’s hands

Being able to take a pill discreetly, as women have done with contraceptives since the 1950s, is an HIV prevention revolution.
The SA government needs to make a back-up plan for spending on HIV/Aids

#AIDS2016: As donor funding falls, SA must come up with a plan to stretch...

It will cost the country R30-billion a year to treat and prevent HIV by 2020, so the state has to lower costs and be clever with its health spending.
The Indian government has been providing free antiretroviral drugs for HIV treatment since 2004

​South Africa must stand firm with India – the pharmacy of the developing world

As Indian PM Narendra Modi visits South Africa, we must push to ensure continued access to affordable medicines.
After a fake news story spreading myths about medical male circumcision went viral

​Zimbabwe mixes medicine and tradition for safer circumcision

Zimbabwe has successfully won the support of chiefs and their people by combining a respect for tradition with safe, modern procedures.
In the Eastern Cape’s OR Tambo district

SA doctors demand shorter hours, saying their 30-hour shifts put patients’ lives at risk

The health department and the Health Professions Council of South Africa must act to protect the medics and patients.
Diseases in Dadaab refugee camp can spread quickly

Camp closure is next health crisis

Sending Dadaab's refugees back to Somalia will become the next health emergency.
The gold industry is appealing the decision to compensate mineworkers for damages sustained due to silicosis acquired on the mines.

Gold industry’s appeal in miners’ silicosis class action is shameful

Widows and children stand to inherit damage claims from the mining industry, but their decision to appeal doesn't bode well.
Going one day without betanoid can be life theatening - and it's been out of stock nationwide for months.

Codeine abuse is a habit, but how should South Africa deal with it?

All codeine products might soon require a prescription, taking them out of the reach of people needing only a mild pain killer.