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Epidemiology 101: free online course for Africa-based journalists

Want to do a crash course in epidemiology? Here you go

The COVID-19 crisis has changed a lot about the world — including the scientific knowledge production process. This free course gives...

Five tips for reporting on medical negligence – without getting into legal trouble yourself

Between understanding medical terminology and decoding legal documents, reporting on negligence cases can be complicated. A media lawyer shares her expert tips for journalists.

Here’s a really great way to find the studies you’re looking for

Finding it hard to narrow down searches for journal studies you’d like to reference in your stories? Our friends from Cochrane...

Seeing the forest for the trees with Cochrane South Africa: Forest plots and systematic...

Here’s a crash course for understanding meta-analyses and systematic reviews from Cochrane South Africa and the South African Medical Research Council.  ...

Vaccines, mutations and data: Reporters, all your COVID-19 questions answered

These health reporters got an expert rundown of what the latest evidence has to say about the new coronavirus. Now you...

Struggling with reporting on COVID-19? This free course will help

Epidemiology 101 is a tailor-made course for journalists presented by world-renowned epidemiologists and scientists.

Reporters, are you ok? If you’re feeling traumatised, you’re not alone

Journalists have immersed themselves in the COVID-19 story for months. But at what cost to their mental health? A recent study found that three quarters of reporters surveyed felt significant emotional distress.