How to play professional sports during #COVID-19

With these department of sports, arts and culture directives South Africa’s sportsmen and women return to the field, but spectators still cheer from home.

Nearing the second peak under lockdown Level 3: Here are the rules

Following the festive season, President Cyril Ramaphosa announced new measures to deal with the rising number of coronavirus infections. Find out the latest developments in South Africa’s planned response to the epidemic.

Life under Level 1: Here’s what international travel looks like

South Africa has partially re-opened its borders, as it moves to the lowest alert level of the national lockdown. Although international flights are now back on the table, there are going to be some changes. Here’s what you need to know before getting to the airport.

Child-friendly COVID messaging matters. Here’s how you can do it right

The new coronavirus has changed a lot about our lives and children haven’t been spared. Warnings about the coronavirus just before South Africa’s lockdown in...
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South Africa guidelines for contact tracing of COVID-19 patients, health promotion and handling of...

Guidelines on how we navigate home and work during the coronavirus pandemic.
Person Holding on Door Lever Inside Hotel Room

Wanderlust during the pandemic: Should you swim in a hotel’s pool?

A lot has changed for the tourism sector in the time of COVID. Read the World Health Organisation’s guidelines on how hotels can keep guests and staff safe.

No masks, no school. Find out what the new school year looks like

Here’s what the rest of the school year will look like for learners in South Africa as the country continues to adjust to life with COVID-19.  

Keen to join the People’s Vaccine Campaign? Here’s what it’s about

South Africa’s government cannot handle the COVID-19 vaccine rollout alone, these activists say. That’s why it’s time for citizens to get involved in this ‘life or death’ issue.
Coronavirus testing

Updated Coronavirus testing guide: A quick reference for South African healthcare workers

An updated version of the National Institute for Communicable Diseases’  reference guide for health workers testing for the new coronavirus.

The ABCs of grief – and when to get help

Thousands of South Africans may already be mourning the loss of their loved ones as the COVID-19 death toll rises. Here’s what to expect.

Updated South African guidelines for the testing and treatment of the new coronavirus

A resource summary of the updated COVID-19 testing and management guidelines from South Africa's National Department of Health and National Institute for Communicable Diseases.
Could the Presidential Health Summit reveal new developments with regard to the NHI? Find out as we stream live from the meeting.

[READ] The Presidential Health Summit report

Find out which issues have been prioritised after the Presidential Health Summit.

No cloth mask, no entry: Rules for restaurants, hotels and casinos under level 3...

Tourism directives allowing certain hospitality services to reopen their doors. These include restaurants, hotels, conference venues and casinos.
Coronavirus illustration by Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

Coronavirus testing criteria: A quick reference for South African healthcare workers

An updated version of the National Institute for Communicable Diseases’ (NICD) reference guide for health workers testing for the new coronavirus.

How to bury someone who died of COVID-19

The health department has released directives outlining how patients who succumbed to COVID-19 are to be handled and buried.

Access to information during South Africa’s lockdown

A response to the novel coronavirus from the Department of Telecommunications and Postal Services: directives on digital technologies and access to information during South Africa’s national state of disaster and lockdown.