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[WATCH] How to beat superbugs on a tight budget

  • Funding for South Africa’s first action plan on drug resistance has been insufficient and the first set of goals expires in two years. Antibiotic resistance happens when these medicines are overused or prescribed to treat the wrong bacteria.
  • A study of 57 hospitals in KwaZulu-Natal found that only three facilities had any money to use to roll out the plan.
  • There are work-arounds hospitals and clinics  can employ in the absence of a budget, and a full team of specialists to make sure antibiotics are prescribed responsibly. Watch this video for the details. 

Superbugs are fighting back and our state hospitals don’t have the right specialists or enough funding to stop more germs from becoming untreatable.
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Yolanda Mdzeke is a multimedia reporter at Bhekisisa.

Zano Kunene is a health journalist at Bhekisisa.